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Worried - effects of anaesthesia

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As some of you know about two months (or more?) ago I underwent general anaesthetic to have an operation. Now I know the anaesthetics are supposed to be safe and have no effects, but I'm worried because I've experienced more rage-like feelings and behaviour in the last couple of months that I had for several years before.


I finally thought I was pretty much rage-free and now I'm worried and really upset because it's come back.


For several days a couple of weeks ago I would get SO angry at myself and other things just because, say, I dropped something (which is another thing that seems to have worsened since the operation - I keep dropping things. It's so frustrating).


I'll kick or punch an object or pull in about or whatever (NEVER a person though - I have enough control). I have enough control to never damage anything badly, but I've made a few minor damages.


I thought I was rid of it but now it's come back today. I'm so worried and upset. I HATE this feeling. I even get angry because I'm angry and it just gets worse. I also hate the fact that it annoys my family. It's embarassing.


The only thing I suppose is good is that I haven't returned to my full blown attacks like when I was little.


It's so upsetting :(:( :( :( :( :( :( :(

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