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medication more enhanced while on vitamins?


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are these the same meds he's been on for some time? How were they working before this (the vits that you suspect)? How is your son doing presently, he is about 14 or so? Have you done any other treatments of sorts in the last couple years?



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It was just a regular vitamin that my son took.

He is currently on prolixin, zoloft, and foculin.

ANy ideas??


I guess there are a lot possibilities:


1. There is no real enhancement taking place.

2. A lower pH could increase the absorption and the half life in the blood of his meds. I doubt his vitamin is that basic though.

3. If he had a shortage of some critically needed coenzyme for neurotransmitter production then supplementing it might have increased production of various neurotransmitters.

4. Many agents alone in a multi-vitamin/mineral have been shown to boost mood some:selenium, magnesium, etc.

5. Various b vitamins in combination lower homocysteine levels and high homocysteine levels are associated with a wide number of disorders. Though the research showing lowering homocysteine

can treat those disorder is not clear.

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