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No-Phenol? Feedback please.

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I wanted to let you know I have used No-Phenol with my son and also AFP Peptizyde. Both products I ordered through Houston Pharmaceuticals. I have to say I think the No-Phenol has helped him out. A great book to read is called "Enzyme for Autism and other Neurological Disorders by Karen DeFlice. I highly recommend it.


At first I noticed an increase in tics with the No-Phenol and I think it was because it was killing off Candida. But after we got through that first phase for a few days (I just would give him 1/4 capsule and then gradually increased) it seems to be helping him. It is so difficult to pinpoint exactly how much it is helping him because I have him on so many supplements. But I do think it has helped him.


Here is a post I did to someone, not too long ago, with all I have done for my son. Look at post number 3 http://www.latitudes.org/forums/index.php?...amp;#entry25586 . You will need to follow some of the links I have in the post to go into great detail of what I have done for him. I have to say the results have been amazing and quite the journey of discovery.


I hope this helps and keep going it sounds like you are on the right track.



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