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New Chapter and Cal/Mag


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Hi Everyone, I just wanted to know if anybody has used New Chapter products. They have a one a day and I have been debating on getting it for my daughter it's called New Chapter only one. I called New Chapter and they said it should be fine for a 14 year old but of course they told me I should ask her physician. I really wanted to get The Vitamin code that CSP suggested and im going back and forth with the two products. If money was not so tight right now I would definetly get the Vitamin code. New chapter would last her 90 days and the vitamin code would last 30-40 days at the same price.


Im still having a hard time finding a cal/mag pill. I tried kids Calm, She hates it. I do get her to take ionic-fizz calcium plus 2-3 times a week. She hates that also but better than kids calm. I just bought calcium magnesuim citate natural orange vanilla flavor, Hates it! Is there a pill with Calcuim , Magnesium citrate that any one can recommend, that absorbs well.


Thank you so much

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CSP thanks for the info on vitamin code, received it today. I did find after searching so long cal./mag citate in vegetarian capsules. 5oo calcium as citrate and 250 mag as citrate. Why was this so hard to find? Anything I should know? This is me getting nervous everytime I give her something new!

The vitamin code has enzymes and probiotics, amino acids. Does all viatims have amino acids? I'm asking because mabey I should start her with the new vitmain this week and than calcium.

Right now whe is doing well on what she is taking but she hates the vitatabs(chewable). I guess im nervous to start something new!

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