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Cod liver Oil


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Hi char,


My son has tried fish oil, I can't remember if it was cod liver oil or not, but he started to tic with loud vocals 30min after I gave it to him. This also happened to my husband.


I struggled with this because I could never figure out if it was the vit. E used to preserve it, which all the Co. I called said it was from soy, ranging in different amount to different brands of fish oil.


I buy my salmon from Vital Choice Seafood and read about the salmon oil they sell. The natural orange color in salmon oil is also the natural preservative. I decided to give it a try, he did not have the same reaction with the salmon oil as he did with the fish oil. I did go real slow and now I only give it to him every 2 days, and he eats salmon 2 times a week. I stopped using it this summer for a while just to make sure that was not the cause of his waxing but he still waxed for 2 months so it was not the salmon oil. I started it back up again last month and he has started to wane, I'm sure not from the salmon oil, just waning right now.


The DHA and EPA in the salmon oil is the same amount 330mg for both.


Just wanted to throw that out to ya.


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my son can eat lots of fish without problem but reacts negatively to fish oil supplements with increased tics.

I have not tried the salmon oil CP mentioned


my son uses flaxseed oil and eats wild Alaskan salmon for his Omega3 (*not* farmed salmon as they add antibiotics and color to their feed)

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