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Does anyone know of any natural fever reducers? If anybody knows of any I will research them to see if they are safe to use during pregnancy. We have fevers (around 101-102) going around at day-care right now, and I want to be prepared incase I would come down with a fever. I don't want to use Tylenol if at all possible so I'm looking for a natural option because I don't want my body temperature to rise too much.



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I've heard of Willow Bark tea being used before. I haven't tried it myself tho. I believe Willow Bark is where they get aspirin from. Don't give it to kids tho (same reason you're not supposed to give aspirin to children).


Cool bath/shower (be careful)


Or you could do like me and take a super hot shower. Of course this is stupid and I wouldn't recommend it, but one time I was really pissed off that I had been sick for a week or two and couldn't break my fever, so I said "fine, body. You want to increase your temperature to kill whatever is inside me? Fine, let's do it." I drank a lot of water first (to prevent the dehydration that accompanies hot showers/hot tubs) and then got in the shower and slowly increased the water temp until it was as high as it would go, obviously waiting until I was comfortable at after each increase. Results: nothing, other than being colder than usual when I got out of the shower. I didn't feel better, or worse, but in hindsight it was a really stupid thing to do considering I lived alone at the time and could have passed out/gone into shock.


I've heard of using cold water dousing to help a fever, too. Basically you take a bucket of cold water, stand in the shower (with the shower off), and pour it over your head. The shock supposedly instantaneously spikes your body's temp which supposedly helps kill whatever. I know people who SWEAR by this method. They also use it as a preventative every morning after their shower. I tried it as a preventative once and got a cold/sore throat after the second day. Heh. Caution, as this can cause you to go into shock. It definitely wakes you up in the morning, tho.


Just to reiterate here, I am definitely NOT endorsing ANY of these.


Of course there's also cool packs and ice packs which help physically reduce the body's temperature.


There's ibuprofin (NSAIDs). I'm not sure if that's the same as Tylenol or not.


Remember to stay hydrated.

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Hi, everyone! My son and I are new here and would like to introduce ourselves. Jason is my son and has struggled with T.S. for 2yrs. now. We have been on quite an adventure so far and I'm excited where our future is headed with such a place as this! I will tell our story sometime too. I am interested also if anyone knows of a natural fever reducer. My son is allergic to food colorings and every time he gets sick I have to buy colored Tylenol or Ibuprofen, or colored cold med., etc. The only medicine I've found so far without colorings is a color-free Benedryl.

He recently needed an antibiotic and we had to go to the only pharmacy that could do it without colorings. It was already about $75 normally. Now they said it was double that. Thank goodness we have good ins. and they only made us pay $10 more co-pay. ($35) My husband is a Sheriff's Deputy too which they said they gave a discount for. I don't know what to do about the med. problem or where to go. I know some people are allergic to red colorings. What do they do?????

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My son is sick with a cold today. But I do not know what to give him because it seems all the kids cold meds. have colorings in them. Is there any cold meds. to use without colorings in them. My son reacts to colorings. I want to help him but I don't know what to use. Any suggestions? Thanks Char...

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