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Homeopathic Remedies for Strep?


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oh please don't feel hopeles!


We've been working with the PleoSanum remedies. It's challenging to find info on them. It's a company in Germany and many naturopaths and homeopaths in the US aren't familiar with it. It's a very different concept of medicine - try researching "biological medicine". In my layman's interpretation - we all have microbes that make up our body. They should exist symbiotically. Often due to whatever reasons, that relationship gets out of whack. These remedies help pull it back into the correct relationship resulting in better health.


My son is 5 and has only been on the remedies about a month. I don't know that I see a difference but it is a long-term process. I was concerned there was an exacerbation after about 2 weeks but that seems to have calmed. The naturopath we are going to also does cranio-sacral therapy. He's had one treatment and did seem to have a greater sense of calm after that.


We've also seen good results with behavior using techniques from the book "The Explosive Child".

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Max's Mom,


It has been some time since I've been on ACN so I'm glad I checked the site today. In response to your question, yes I did decide to treat my son with the protocal that my homeopath suggested. We finished the pleo san strep, pleosan pseu, pleosan not combo some time ago and are now on the pleo san comm. I have to say that my son's tics are extremely mild to non-existant to the point that I cancelled my every 2 month homeopath appt and pushed it out 3 more months.


In our last appt. her muscle testing said that his strep was gone. Now, with all that being said - we did NOT have a blood test which confirmed strep, only a muscle test. So, i'm still not 100% that he has/had PANDAS and while I was skeptical I went forward with the treatment.


What I can tell you is that his tics are not an issue now, his digestion is good and his immune system is working. He's hardly been sick (knock on wood) all winter. We went from missing weeks of school last year to him only missing 2 days the entire year so far. I'm not sure that the pleos were the silver bullet or if his immune system is just working better now- he eats an almost organic diet and we are GFCF/Feingold.


If you have more questions, email me on ACN and we can chat more. I'm curious how these work for you if you move forward.


Qs Mom:


Thanks so much for responding to me. Can you tell me the name of your ND and his/her location? I have a ND in Ohio who uses constitutional remedies in her practice. She doesn't typically use multiple remedies together. I NEVER get on this site, so I believe it is providential that you responded. I am interested in trying what you did with your child. I don't think we can know for sure if our child has PANDA's however, my son fits all the criteria and has had strep in his GI tract (did several comprehensive stool analysis that showed strep present). My "gut" tells me that he has it. While there are several DAN doctors with complicated treatments for PANDA's homeopathy seems to be the gentlest and least complicated to treat it with! My husband is an integrative pediatrician and he agrees with me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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I have read a lot about PANDAS and I have been to pediatrician and neorologist. Both told me that there is not conclusive evidence about PANDAS. I found this statement:

“It is true that strep infections can send the immune system into overdrive, “ says lead investigator Harvey Singer, M.D., director of pediatric neurology at Hopkins Children’s, “but if an overactive immune system is truly behind this neuropsychiatric disorder, we would expect to see a spike in the blood levels of antibodies against brain proteins when children were having flare-ups of symptoms. We didn’t."


I am continuing to search alternative methods, like homeopathy.

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I've been getting a lot of questions and private emails about the pleos so wanted to make another post about our experience. Hopefully it will be of help to someone.


In response to my homeopath determining via muscle test that my son had PANDAS, we used the Pleosan strep, pleosan pseu, pleosan not combo. We used this for about 8 weeks 2xs a day, 3 drops of each until she confirmed via muscle test that the strep was gone. We then have used pleo san com for about five months (4-5 drops, 2x a day).


At the same time, I also had a pediatrician run titer test which came back negative. In the two years my son has had tic issues, I've NEVER had a positive strep test. Unfortunately, when my son first started ticcing, my pediatrician only ran a rapid test. With that being said, after much consideration I decided to go ahead with the Pleo rememdies. Had I had a positive blood test, I may have gone a different direction with treatment.


My son also takes and fish oil, Cal-mag. From a dietary perspective: we are GFCF, Feingold, organic where possible and limit corn. My son takes epsom baths every other day and our house is as green as we can make it.


My son has had an overall really good year. His health is much improved. He hardly gets sick. His tics/OCD are generally light and are generally noticable only by me. Because of all of this, I've actually cancelled my last 2 homeopath appts. and he has not seen a dr since early December. With all of this being said, it is hard to say what has helped him the most. His body is definitely healing but I'm not sure whether the vitamins, the diet, the pleos or the clean lifestyle has been most beneficial.


If you've tried pleos, I hope you'll also post your 2 cents here. When we were making our decision as to whether to give this a try, I found very little info on ACN or even on the internet about them. It would be great for PANDAS parents to have some new options.

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