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wanted to share


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Hello all

Wanted to share something seems to be working for my son. He was flapping his wrists to the point i was scared he was going to hurt them. I made an appointment for a cranial sacral thereapy treatment (can't get in until 10-14)and told the lady what he was doing and she told me to find the bone at the bottom of his neck that when moves you can feel an indention and massage it, and ask him if it is tender...he said yes and i massaged it a few nights now and not sure if it is coinsidental or not but he barely does it anymore.

I also have been working hard to elimate the red40 from him after the experience we had with him eating hot tamoli's and the head really jerking from it. It is amazing what they put that in!!! he is only 10 and reading box labels and be so careful of what he eats...i am proud of him for being concerned. We added acetyl-l-carnitine to his pills. We got the 500 and i open the capsule and put about half in with his kids calm drink each night. He still makes some vocals, mostly in the nose now, the screeching is not too often anymore... not sure if it is the pills or the red40 going away.


well just wanted to share this massage tip...



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Thanks Mary!

Our son slid into the corner of the kitchen cabinet over a year ago and hurt his neck. We did chiropractic for the injury and it also relieved some ticcing. I really do believe that massage/chiro can be helpful. On the other hand, I myself had been going to the chiro for neck pain that was ongoing. The chiro helped somewhat but only hours after my treatments the pain returned. Later I began taking magnesium and it cured it! I just wanted to throw this in there. At the time I was under so much stress trying to 'cure' my son. Now when I start to get a stiff achy neck the first thing I do is take some natural calm and a b complex.


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Oh my gosh, Caryn, the same thing happened to me! I used to go to the chiro, and he was awesome and relieved my long-term lower back stiffness--fixed it permanently. But he could never get my neck to shape up. It was always feeling so yucky and stiff, and I'd have to stretch it out dozens of times a day, but it only helped a little. I'd have the urge to just pummel my neck or hang it over the edge of a table to put pressure on the stiff muscles.


Anyway, I started magnesium (natural calm) and my neck seems normal now! Only occasional stiffness. It also fixed my sleep issues. I just cannot say enough good about how mag has helped me!

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HI... :wub:


Just wondering what type of magnesium is in the Natural Calm? There's so many types I'm wondering what it was that worked for you?





Hi Lyn

Natural Calm is magnesium citrate but what makes it special is that it is an ionic formula that is very rapidly absorbed. It's available at iherb.com for a lot less than in health stores (the large tub at iherb is around same cost as the small ones elsewhere)






so glad to hear your good news :)


massage/chiropractic has always been very beneficial to my son along with reflexology. we havent ever done actual cranio-sacral although my son's chiro and acupuncture therapists did teach him some pressure points to relieve on his head/temples and upper cervical area.


I do think inflammation is a big trigger and so anything that can relieve it is so beneficial

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Thankyou for that Chemar... :wub:


The one I have my son on at the moment is a tissue salt... magnesium phosphate is all it says. It's a rapidly absorbed one and it is chewed. It says you only need a smaller dose because it goes directly into the bloodstream {or wherever it's supposed to go. lol} through the mouth. {something like that}


My son likes taking them as they're easilly chewed and have no taste. {which is better than the Valerian root I tried the poor kid on a while back}


I might look into it to see if I can get something similar to what you're talking about.


Thanks again,


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