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First Day of School...nothing


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I have not posted much on this forum the last several months. Last year this time our son was starting grade 3. He was going to a new private school and he was a mess. He had leg tics, facial tics and even a small sighing noise.

I was expecting some tics last night and this morning, but nothing happened as he just coasted in to grade 4. I knew he would be less going into grade 4, in the past year we have changed his world so much.

He has been on Bonnies Vitamins for 11 months, had 15 NAET treatments, completely stopped all artificial colors and flavours, put him on a gluten free (%95) about 5 months ago along with his nightly Calm/pro biotic/enzyme.

He hardly has any tics anymore, somtimes he may have some eye blinks or his tongue comes out every once in awhile, but not since last year at the start of school has he had any of his limb tics.

He has been feeling good, very happy and very bright. I have read a lot on the Gluten free diet, my mom is an extreme Celiac. The blood test did not show anything out of the ordinary regarding celiac, but he just seems to do better when we eliminate all wheat and gluten related products. I know there is a big link between wheat and the neurlogical function of the brain.

I do have this Forum to thank, it has led me down a path I use to scoff at, you know that "health food nuts" path.

I am sure he will have his waxing and waining times, but my hope is they will be much more moderate. Until then, I will continue to pray and thank God every day for this little man.


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Hi. I'm so glad that it's all working out well. :) Isn't it funny how we can scoff at some things only to find we rely on it later? I was just saying the same thing to a freind of mine the other day... about how I was never one for the "natural way" and now I'm pinning all hopes on it. lol.


Good luck, and hope all stays well. :)



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