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Salicylic Acid to Remove Wart


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Hello- My son has been doing great & today started a tic explosion with lots of blinking

& a rash all over his face. I just did some searching and came across something on salicylic acid, which we have been putting on his foot (17% solution) for his two warts for 4 days now. Could this be causing the blinking & extreme emotional sensitivity we have seen? I am amazed!!! And... feeling a little silly for not even seeing the connection before now.

Any feedback would be so appreciated!!!



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if he has a salicylate allergy or sensitivity then yes, I really do feel it could trigger tics


also I wonder if these are plantar warts, thenthey are caused by HPV and so could the virus reacting to the treatment be triggering something....not sure but maybe?

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Have you explored the salicylate connection further. Lowering salicylate content in the diet is a key aspect of the Feingold diet. Salicylates can lead to hyperactivity and restlessnes, and quite possibly increased tics. there is more info on



or you could Google the Feingold diet. There is a Feingold society that you can join as well.

I think there is also more info on this if you search the archived posts for this list.

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