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Letter counting/alphabetizing

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Hi! I’m happy to see your comment as well, it’s great to find people who can do the same thing as me but especially people who are doing it in 2020 :)) 

I agree; my head often feels as though it can’t stop thinking, both during the day and at night. Like you said, everyone thinks it’s really cool, and it is, but it can get incredibly frustrating and very tiring.

I’m glad to hear that you also rearrange sentences and words to make them into a ‘good’ length; it makes me feel a bit less weird and less isolated! And it’s really interesting how you count the pen strokes in letters. I’ve never really done that myself but I can totally see where it’s coming from and it’s cool to see different variations of the same fundamental kind of issue.

Hope you’re doing well too and staying safe :)

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Hi sbechtel and welcome to Latitudes/ACN   what you describe does sound like OCD It can be treated with medications, but these sadly bring many potential side effects. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I'm 38 from the UK and found out that the fact I could count letters in words extremely fast was unusual when I was 13. As lots of others have mentioned, ever since it has been used as a party trick

Hi folks this is just amazing. I have been doing this as long as I can remember, It's become a bit of a novelty to my friends. I can count the number of letters in a sentence up to about 40 characters in under a second, assuming I can spell the words. I also add the numbers on car plates as they pass me. I cannot alphabetize however, and I am not obsessively tidy or compulsive when it comes to daily life. I also have to count numbers to a conclusive multiple of 4 or 3 or whichever my brain chooses in the moment. for example if I see the numbers 346 on a car reg plate, I have to quickly visualise to a multiple of 4, so I see 1231 2341 2345 6123 1234 1234 5612 3123 4123 4561 2312 3412 3456. The sequence must be completed and must end on the last number of the last digit, but the entire process only takes a few seconds. Does this make sense to any of you out there? I love that others share a similar ability, though I actually enjoy it and don't see it as a burden at all. Also I barely scraped a pass at mathematics in school, posess a vast general knowledge of things I did not intend to learn at all, and have never been able to focus concentration on any given subject for any prolonged period of time. Never did any homework when young, never studied for exams, but passed everything. Teachers at school considered me to be a 'coaster' but I genuinely feel that my brain just goes to sleep when I have to listen to someone instructing me, I just cannot learn that way. Any and all comments or replies are very much appreciated. Please stay safe everyone and kind regards from Bonnie Scotland!


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