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Does anybody else not exactly count but try to find out if the number of letters in a word is divisible by any number ? Like I always have to see if the number of letters in a word or sentence is divisible by 2 or 3, it started out with just seeing if they were divisible by two but then if they weren't I'd go up to three and if it still wasn't I'd have to find a way to make it work like for w's I'll split into 2 letters u and u and like h (and I know this is dumb) I'll spell it out ache, it just has to be divisible by 2 or 3, is anyone else like that?

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I used to do that in the past, but was more of an odd/even thing.  Would move my tongue back and forth along my bottom teeth to count. Weird, I  know. LOL   My daughter, when probably 10 years old, could alphabetize letters in a word before we could get started - another OCD  thing, I'm sure.  She's 17 now and when we ask her to try it now, she claims she doesn't do it anymore.  She got tired of us quizzing her, I'm sure. 

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I have had a few things that I have to do or I feel "incomplete" and physically uncomfortable.  If I step on the edge of a stair, a rock, an uneven path, I have to do it with over foot. The most annoying one is I count number of letters in words and for me even # are good, odd # aren't. Also, Left better than right. If I count the letters in a word and they are odd numbers, in my mind I play a free card (extra # or punctuation)to make it even. The last thing I do is when I use the microwave, everything has to be 38 sec or a certain number of min ending with 38 secs. I have bipolar, anxiety (especially during mania) and PTSD.  I was diagnosed PTSD about ten yrs ago but have been doing the counting since I was six or so. I am tired and exhausted ,not to mention comoletely humiliated and embarrassed by all of this. I used to work 3 jobs and now, I am either running around crazy starting projects all over house and never finishing them while feeling like my insides are shaking or I can' get out of bed and think the world would be better without me. Seems like every year my symptoms are worse even after meds and therapy. I am tired of being called crazy, psycho etc. I didn' ask for this. I am exhausted from dealing with it. I go days without sleeping and the less I sleep, the less I need sleep. Days after, I could sleep 4 days straight thru. I feel like I am cursed and am frustrated how I am treated. If I was blind or had cancer, I wouldn' be treated like this. I know this isint my fault but I am so close to giving up. I have tried to committ suicide 2x and actually succeeded both times but they brought me back. I cried and told them to let me go back when I came to. I am not suicidal now but I am just so tired of this. I feel like I am cursed or it is only for bad people like me(even though I know it' not true). Everything escalated when my dad drowned (took 3 weeks to find body), I was raped by a family member (was adopted and happened when met bio family) and then my brother was murdered (Girl who did it was arrested 4 times but they didn't have enough proof to keep her)I think my mind is trying to protect me. I refuse to give up but dang it, I AM TIRED. Also, when depressed, my whole body aches horribly. Anybody have any of these issues? I know these are extreme issues but I dont know what to do and I am tired of being alone in this. I give the shirt off my own back to always make people happy but I am the most miserable persoin I know. I always keep a smile on face and am very outgoing because I want people to look ast the real me. Who I am inside, n it my disability.  Any advice? I just need some support because right now I am down and being kicked at same time. Sorry so ling but today was especially bad day. Just need a kind word


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Hi EmilyGirl, welcome to the forums, and I'm glad you wrote. You have been through so much. It says a lot that you are willing to reach out.  You have classic OCD symptoms and then on top of that, such traumatic incidents to deal wtih. No wonder you are exhausted.

We would love to hear more about where you live, and what options you have for getting help so you don't have to continue to struggle with all of this. We are glad you do not intend to give up! Hang in there. It could be that a medical problem causes some of your fatigue and there is help for that. Please write back and tell us more.  We care and want to do what we can for you.  Sheila

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Wow!  I have been doing a similar thing since I was 12 (and now I'm 47). I am able to instantaneously alphabetize AND assign each letter a number (a=1, b=2, etc). So for example, cat is 1,3,20. Dog is 4,7, 15.  Obviously I do it with much larger words. I am able to do it almost faster than I can say it. People have always had me do it for entertainment. Have seen similar on Oprah and David Letterman but have never thought to google it until today. Just recently saw someone on Ellen who could count letters in words. Also realized I do that but always thought everyone else could too. I am a teacher and I also find it interesting that almost everyone on this forum spells correctly and uses correct grammar, something it is rare to see on the internet nowadays. I also find it interesting that most people said they started doing this at ages 12 or 13. I never knew so many others did similar things!  Amazing. 

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