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Nystatin, NAET, Allergy Drops

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Any info, appreciated.

My wife, Donna, met with Enviro Dr today for our first meeting. I'm home with our other son, and looking for some help tonight. Donna and my other son Grant are meeting tommorow with the Dr for the remaining tests ect.. So, can anyone tell me good/bad experiences, side effects concerns ect.. we should have concerning Nystatin, NAET, and Allergy drops??


I have read past posts on these, but tonight I can't pull it all together and I want the latest comments.


Thank you,


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My son has been treated with NAET for food & environmental allergies for the last couple of years, and switched to Bioset this summer.


My son's asthma has been gone after treating his food allergies and his nasal congestion has also improved after treating environmental allergies. As for the tics, i never saw immediate reduction. It was a gradual process that decrease over time along with chiropractic, craniosacral therapy and Unda #s from his ND. However, when we treated certain tree pollens via NAET, 2 days later my son's mild & infrequent vocal was gone until we treated certain tree allergies with Bioset. Not that i am saying Bioset may have caused it to returned, it could be many factors or the tic just waxed. I am in the mist of trying to figure this out with his Bioset practitioner.


Good luck!



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NAET sensitivities is tested via muscle testing and Bioset uses a biomeridan machine for testing. I find that muscle testing is subjective & may not be as accurate.


Just my opinion. As for now, i am questioning which modality is better for clearing allergies.



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