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NUCCA (Chiropractic)- Are x-rays required?


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Hello there-

We have started taking our son to a chiropractor. She practices NUCCA, but said she wanted to take 2-3 x-rays.

I am very hesitant to expose my son to anything out of the ordinary, as he seems so sensitive & will sometimes

tic more after being exposed to "intense" things. I asked her to hold off, let me research it & in the meantime, could she just adjust him.

She agreed and "cracked" him. Today, maybe 15-20 times total he has thrown his head back. We haven't seen this tic in months. It was still mild, but now it has me rethinking. Perhaps NUCCA would indeed be better. Did any of you who have used NUCCA need an x-ray as well? Have you ever found it to increase tics? Could this just be "getting worse before he gets better?"


Thanks for your insights,


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I have gone thru 3 chiropractors and had different experiences.


My son started chiropractic because he started with an acute neck tic which gave him headache & neck pain. I didn't see any reduction in tics but it help to realign his neck initially. After a couple months of adjustments, then i noticed the adjustment brings an immediate reduction in neck tic. Unfortunately, she was on maternity leave, so i had to find someone else.


My son's second chirop specialized in kids. We went to see her 3 times, each time it caused immediate increase in tics that lasted about 15 minutes or longer. So she referred me to another chirop who she really respect and thinks that he has experience in this area.


Our third chirop did a combination of craniosacral & chiropractic. My son had treatment from him for about 7 mos. Initially, it did cause some increas in tics, then would subside within days. I think it helped some with my son's motor sensory issues and some reduction in tics, but it was minor. We stopped because about 6 mos. into adjustments, my son developed a neck pain that would trigger his neck tic. I am not saying this to scare you. And i want to emphasized that this is only our experience. I still believe that chirop can be beneficial for some.



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