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So my eye doctor says I may have blepharospasm


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Of course this morning and all afternoon while I was at the eye doctor's office, my eyes were fine and I hardly blinked at all. But as soon as I was done and I went to pay my bill, they got bad again.


She told me if I do have blepharospasm, there's no cure and it gets worse as I get older. But it can be suppressed with botox.


Anyway, here's why I'm not sure I agree:


All the research I've done online suggests that blepharospasm movements are actually involuntary, and sometimes involve the eyes remaining forcibly closed despite that patient trying to open them manually with their fingers. Someone I talked to on a blepharospasm forum said that for the first 6 months they thought it was voluntary, but then as it got worse they realized that it was happening on its own. Another person said their eyes would force themselves shut and they had to use a cane to make their way around their house. I've read descriptions online saying that sometimes the eyes will stay closed for HOURS despite the patient trying to open them!


I've had whatever condition I have for 10 years and my blinking has never been fully involuntary. I mean, it's involuntary to the extent that I feel an uncomfortable sensation in my eyes that I have to blink to relieve, but the blinking is always voluntary, and I've never had my eyes stay shut despite me trying to open them.


However, someone on the forum did say that the uncomfortable sensation I feel is the ring of muscles around my eyes spasming... so maybe I have like very beginning bletharospasm that just hasn't progressed at all.


They also said it's caused by something misfiring in the brain so it could be a chemical imbalance similar to a tic disorder.


Anyway, I think I want to see a neurologist. Can I get my brain scanned so they can figure out exactly what chemicals I have out of proportion or whatever?


Oh, also I read that blepharospasm typically affects women over 50, and this started when I was 17. Odd.

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