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Decrease in Motor Increase in Vocals

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If there is any actual reason for that, really you will have to brainstorm and go over what you have been doing or not doing. Sometimes I tend to think that motor and vocals are each triggered by different things (and by triggers, I mean things that "contribute" to worsening, not an actual cause). But what if its just that all tics are equal, and when one is in the forefront, the others take a backseat? I'm sorry, I don't think anyone really knows enough about the hows and whys of all this. ........ but we're working on it. ^_^


I would just ask if there is something you have been consuming alot of around the time the vocals increased, i.e. milk, fruits, etc.? that you haven't before? Maybe a certain food or food group contributes to the worsening of this kind of tics? Again, only you know what your patterns are, so you'll have to do some sleuthing (perhaps keep a food diary).



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yes, the only way to definitively identify triggers is by keeping a log of food, environment etc




if you have genetic TS this could also be that inherent waxing and waning of variable tics that still eludes clear explanation, nomatter how diligent one is with avoiding triggers

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How is your diet?


Most men don't need iron supplements because we get enough from a regular diet. Men's multivitamins have no iron in them (women's do). Generally only women need iron supplements because of the blood loss during their menstrual cycle.


I've never heard of men needing iron (outside of some heath condition like anemia or whatever).

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