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Has anyone see this guy's "How to Eliminate Tics" book?


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Don't know what it contains, but I'm always curious what these are about. It does say you can ask for money back if you feel it hasn't helped? If anyone here has read any of these type e-books, I'd be at least interested to know what the author talks about, although it probably is much of what we talk about here.




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Hi Faith, :)


I think even if these books really have worked for their authors, it's still going to be a "this worked for me but won't for everyone" thing. Only thing is we'd have to pay for it to try it. That's why I think these forums thast offer peoples experience are so good... it can be trial and error but all our information we offer is free.


I still say that if you really had the cure, you wouldn't expect people to pay for it, especially if they've gone through it themselves.



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