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Shaking and weakness after eating

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A couple of times recently, I've felt shaky and without energy (and a bit dizzy) after eating a meal. I'm worried I might have done some damage somehow by taking too many supplements or something. I've also been ticcing a lot more.


Can anyone advise me on this please?

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Hi Grayhound,


The only thing I can say about the dizziness is my son gets that every once in awhile, however he has not had one since he was taking the intramax. I believe he has low blood pressure. It drops when he gets up from sitting or when he has laid down and gets up. His Dr. said to sprinkle sea salt on some fruit everyday. I do believe he was having trouble with his electrolytes (sp?) and I think the intramax helped with that.


when my son first felt the dizziness I did take all his supps to her to make sure I did notgo overboard.


Hope that was somewhat helpful,



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Ah, Intramax. I'd take it, but it has to be kept in the fridge, and there's no way I'm putting it in the fridge where eveyone can see it lol


I hope it is just low blood pressure, but then it happens after eating and I go all weak and shaky as well as dizzy. I'm terrified because it might be a sign of diabetes.

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I've found out these must have been reactions to the new supplements.


Because I was still worried about mercury contamination with the fish oil, I switched to a combined linseed and borage oil capsule. I don't know what the reaction was to - the capsule (they're weird green ones), the borage oil or the linseed oil. Well, I ay oil, but they're powdered which I found weird. Has anyone else had an adverse reaction with any of these things?

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I have never heard of anyone using linseed oil for tics?


I use it to polish wood furniture :wacko:


why not take flaxseed oil as it is proven rich in omega 3? borage oil is good but not nearly as high in omega 3 as flax as far as I know

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Not for tics specifically, for a source of Omega 3.


Linseed oil is the same as flaxssed oil, but it's usually called flaxseed oil in supplements. In this case, they've called it linseed oil. It's like broage oil is the same as starflower oil.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linseed_oil (scroll down)



Maybe it's a different form. I always get it wrong. But don't worry, I haven't been eating wood polish!


This is the product (bought from a Revital health food shop, not online): http://www.biocare.co.uk/ecommerce/pdfs/144.pdf

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