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Our next step & FailSafe Diet?

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So we are finally getting a referral to a allergist for some allergy testing. It will take weeks though before we can even set the appointment. Medicaid......thankful to have it right now, but arrgggh. My son is obviously triggered by diet and I am looking forward to some help that way. We are also pursuing evaluation for ADD. I am hoping to learn some techniques for all of us to cope with that aspect better. I just feel so guilty b/c with the ADD he can hardly function and after a while it makes me angry. That's so mature of me. He can't help it & I get mad. Great. I don't know who needs help more, me or him. I guess I need to go over to the ADD board.


Has anyone had experience with the FailSafe diet over the Feingold? Some one recomended it & I am just starting to check it out.


Thanks. This is just so damn hard.

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Hi gfam :)

its possible that many dont realize the site is back up again. Also being peak summertime, many are away


I dont have any info on the specific diet questions you are asking but its good you can get the testing done

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I don't have any info on the diet, but wanted to let you know your not alone when it come to getting mad at your son. I have to fight that emotion everyday with my son too.


It is so hard to want so badly to keep your child off medication, that the whole family suffers. Just last light my oldest said my son's vocals were unbearable during the time he was tying to fall asleep. It breaks my heart to try so hard to help one child, and see how it drives another crazy. I struggle with that and have to keep reminding my dd, at least she can leave the house and do something to get away, he has to live with it every moment of the day.


God, help us all who struggle with this.


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I'm sorry that I can't be of any help on the diet thing. I personally can't find triggers for my ds and I've allowed HFCS and even some food dyes every so often to see if I see an increase in tics and I see no change. Nothing either good or bad. But I wanted to add that I, too, get angry at my son for his tics sometimes. Like I want him to be able to control them b/c I can't look at them anymore. Some of them really distort his face in a weird way and I just start thinking: I can't watch this anymore!!!! And, then I get mad at myself b/c I know it's wrong, etc. You get the picture!

So, just wanted to let you know you're not alone. Praying you get some answers at the allergists office and that it will give you a starting point for diet changes, etc.


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My son (and our family) has been on Feingold for a year. I have to say that I am a fan. It looks like FailSafe takes the Feingold premise of eliminating processed foods, dyes, artificial colors and sals ... but then resstricts a number of other fruits and veges, which could be a missed opportunity for vitamins and eating whole foods. Failsafe also encourages milk, cheese, ect. We are casein free so this diet would not work for us as their would be not much left to eat. My kids love veges - Broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, carrots and LOVE fruit.


I also really like Feingold, because of the support system that you receive when you buy their program. The shopping giude they send you is very specific - down to the brand name of what is "safe." They also have chat boards for members where you can post ideas and recipies. This was very helpful in getting started. I'm getting ready to renew my membership just for the continued support since product ingredients change.


Good luck!

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Hi GFAM and others,

I don't have any info on the diet side of things {trying to sort that out now too} however I just want to comment on how you said you feel bad getting angry at your child. I think everyone here would totally understand. A few months ago when my sons tics became more obvious and I realised I couldn't really pretend it was nothing anymore, {he hadn't been officially diagnosed at that stage, but I knew} out of fear I actually did get cranky with him and told him to stop them... I wanted to see if it was something he had control over. But see, it wasn't because I was cranky at HIM, i was just scared of facing the truth, and that is how I coped. I gave myself a huge reality check though when I finally accepted what it was.

I suspected TS on and off for a yr or so beforehand due to funny little things he did. {my brother had tourettes, that's how I noticed things in my son} I suspected but didn't want to believe it. Luckilly it was only a few days til I pulled myself together and said to myself "It is Tourettes, get over yourself and do what you can for your boy!!" Well I did accept it, but I still went through alot of ups and downs, like all of you have. It was so hard to try and put on a brave face for my son and it seemed that all I noticed were those tics... nothing else.

Even though I know there'll still be hard times ahead I have totally accepted what he has and doing all I can to try and make things easier for him.

I understand the other poster here who said they could hardly bare to look at the child... I went through that also. But it hurt me so much to think that here I am, his own mother, and I don't want to look at him. BUT it was only because if I couldn't see them I didn't have to deal with it. :)

I can honestly say that I'm not so obsessed anymore, but I am still determined to try and find relief. My boy only has it mild at this stage, and we don't know what lies ahead, but I'm trying to focus on now, and just love the heck out of him.

When this little boy was born, he sort of glued our family together, there was no jealousy and everyone has always enjoyed having him around. He has such a vibrant personality and I know he has a huge purpose here on earth. Who knows, one day it could be us or one of our brilliant kids who come up with the cure.

Also, there are alot worse things around than Tourettes and I feel it is such a privelage to be the mother of my little man. :D


Sorry this is so long, but I just want you to know that as mothers we hurt too, and sometimes we may feel angry and at the end of our tether, we are only human... but because we love them so much everything will be ok.


Lyn. :)

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