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chances of having another child with tic issues


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I can only speak for my family and I have heard of some siblings having tic disorders or OCD or PANDAS when the other siblings do not have it. But, in our case, my 12 year old daughter has PANDAS and with that she exhibits tics and OCD behaviors, my 5 and 7 year old sons have not been "formally" diagnosed with PANDAS, but I know they have it. Their PANDAS manifests as hyperactivity, emotional, lablie behavior, and some separation anxiety. I also have an almost 2 year old son that I have not seen any of these behaviors yet. I believe I had PANDAS as a child (ages 7-13) as I have periodic tics, severe at times, that would vanish all of a sudden, and I do not have them as an adult. I tried to get my medical records to see if the tics correlated with times I had strep, but I was told the records had already been destroyed.


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Hi... I have 5 children, and only the youngest has tics. No other sign of anything like that with the other 4. My older brother had tourettes, and none of the other 4 siblings had it. Yet I have heard of families having more than one child with tics, so I guess it all depends.

The interesting thing I was told is that OCD and even epilepsy is all closely related... of my other 4 kids, 2 have had epilepsy and 2 with OCD. I found that very interesting, and even myself I believe I have had some kind of OCD.


Hope this helps. :)

from Lyn.

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