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Does anyone have experience with this supplement? Our naturo has put ds on a spray that is pure suntheanine. I tried it a few weeks ago at the same time that I had tried a 5-HTP supplement but I saw major OCD with the 5_HTP so I stopped. I also had stopped the spray. I looked back on my notes and saw that he had started a new jaw/neck tic thing shortly after starting both these supps.

The naturo wants me to get him back on the theanine spray so I gave it to him this AM and what did I see??? That's right the darn jaw tic again! Now, the spray is a sublingual spray and I saw the tic about 1/2 hour after giving him the spray. The tic has subsided for now but it was really pronounced this AM. So, I'm reluctant to get him back on this theanine obviously.


Just curious to see what folks have seen with this amino? He's getting this b/c of his anxiety but he's actually doing quite well on a supplement that has B6, taurine, and 4-amino 3 phynelbutyric acid. Sometimes I feel he needs a boost of something to help him get over a situational anxiety issue but the OCD type obsessive thoughts are gone(and that is a huge relief for me).



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I am not surprised there is waxed ticcing with theanine as it is closely related to glutamine.

also, it stimulates dopamine :)


it may good for many things and it does seem it stimulates both GABA and serotonin, which is likely why naturo recommended it for OCD/anxiety but..................the trade off is possible tic triggers :)


here is what Wiki says about it



here is the iherb info (interesting that it is high in black tea...maybe why I find tea so very soothing and calming where as coffee with same caffeine or even less than tea I am told makes me wired!!

iHerb info on theanine

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