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Nitrous Oxide Question (Again)


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My son had the nitrous oxide as a matter of fact this Tues. - he had to have 5 small cavities filled- he is seven and has had problems with his teeth- cavities and 2 baby root canals. Ugh! Anyways he had no problem with the nitrous oxide- no increase in tics- it was an hour long appointment and I was glad he had it to help him relax to get them all filled in one appointment. He has a pediatric dentist and I think that makes all the difference in the world - the dental assistants are also wonderful in helping him to feel comfortable.


He also had the nitrous oxide about a year ago to have 2 cavities filled and I talked to the Ped. dentist about how my son had just started having tics like a week before (I was a nervous wreck) and he assured me the nitrous oxide would not make his tics worse and it did not that time either.

Hope that helps and I think your child should do fine.



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I wanted to add this info to this thread in case it could be important to anyone. There is a Mom posting about her daughter having a very bad reaction to nitrous oxide on the enzymes/autism group. Another mom responded that low B12 and the MTHFR mutation can cause complications when NO is used. This little girl is autistic and has developed very self injurious behavior. If anyone has known (or suspected) problems with B12 or MTHFR mutation, you might want to do a little research on this before allowing. This is info that I had read a while back too, and had forgotten about.

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For what it's worth, my tic seems to disappear when I go to the dentist or the doctor. I've read about this happening A LOT, too. Parents get annoyed because they bring their ticcing child to the doctor and the child stops ticcing.


(if someone could figure out what is going on in the brain during these times and make a pill out of it I would definitely buy it :angry: )


It's strange tho because tics are supposed to increase when you're anxious or stressed, and I always get super nervous before I go to the doctor or the dentist, yet my tic seems to reduce often when I'm there.



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