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Chicken Pox Virus, Trampoline and Tics

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My 6yr old daughter, Lauren, had a very mild case of chicken pox (CP) about 17-22 May. (She had the first vaccine, but not the second). Sometime during the week of 16 Jun, Lauren asked us if we'd ever experienced "the bends"/tics in our fingers. To our knowledge, nobody in our family has TS, but I believe her 1/2 brother used to do some vocal tics which he outgrew. Incidentally, we also bought a trampoline the weekend before 16 Jun. I wonder if this could have triggered the tics to start?


A few days after "the bends" began, we noticed movements with Lauren's shoulder and arm. We took her to her primary care Dr. who referred us to a pediatric neurologist in Little Rock. Her primary Dr explained some things about tics and said they might move to other parts of her body. The doc was right on when she said they might move around. I've noticed stomach and slight head bobbing--mostly towards evening. Lauren also started having stomach pain/acid reflux type symptoms after her CP. The doctor put her on Zantac which seems to help, but I also started giving her a probiotic yesterday after I read that Candida bacteria can increase after a virus. So far, her stomach hasn't hurt since she's taken the probiotic.


Here are my questions: Do tics usually come on this quickly? Does anyone believe the chicken pox virus or trampoline triggered their tics to begin? Is it "normal" for tics to happen about every minute? Any insight you can provide will be appreciated. Our appointment with the neuro isn't until 1 Aug and I'm getting a little anxious.

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The Neuro won't buy this, but yes, the chicken pox, I personally believe.


My son's tics began three days after a DTaP booster. Many of us have corroborated vaccine triggers. One of the members here has a son who began after a chicken pox vaccine. Use the search feature here, because I seem to recall there were others who saw onset after ckn px vaccine or actual ckn px virus.


This is just my opinion, but I think the trampoline is innocent. Many of our children have immune issues, as in overactive immune systems or underactive immune systems. Strep is a known trigger. Many children have onset after mystery viruses. Again, just my opinion, but I would refuse any future ckn px boosters.


Oh, and your question about coming on quickly, yes. My son started at 2 pm on September 27, 2007.



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My 7 year old son started ticcing soon after the Chicken Pox Vaccine. He had NO symptoms of tics at ALL before he had the vaccine. Now, I have never researched to see if he had the first vaccine and this was a booster! I am thinking it was, but really need to look at this!


His tics started (almost a year ago) as eye blinking, went to mouth/neck stretching, and even progressed to sniffing and whole head jerking. These tics were every minute or more frequent. This summer I thought they were disappearing b/c he was almost completely tic free the last month or so. He had a very minor nose wrinkle every so often. I cut back his vitamin supplements and let him have a little junk.....well, this week we had a few eye tics come back and it is noticed by all of us!


I know in my heart that is was linked to the chicken pox vaccine that he received. His little immune system must have been through into overdrive.....I hope and pray that your child is just having an extended reaction to the virus and it will go away on it's own.......as I know the stress you must be going through!!!


Good luck and you can find a TON of information here!!!!



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