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What medicines do you use for colds and allergies?

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My son has had a stuffed up nose since he started swimming this summer. I was wondering if Zyrtec or some allergy medicine would be okay to give a child with tics? What medicines does everyone use to help with colds and/or allergies? My son hasn't been sick since he started ticcing three years ago, except for the sniffles. He's nose twitching with this stuffed up nose though.

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Every summer my ds would have allergies really bad starting in late May and going until our monsoon season in late July. This year he has had not had any allergy issues that are really noticeable. Just a bit stuffy right after he wakes up. I put a HEPA air filter in his room and I've really seen improvement in his allergies even though I believe they are environmental outdoor allergies that bug him at this time of year.

I thought with all the spring rain that this would be a bad season for us but it's been the best so far. Last year I was giving him Zyrtec which is now OTC and Triaminic cough which is really just a decongestant which worked the best. I only gave it to him at night so he could sleep and we just dealt with the allergies during the day.

I could never figure out if it was the pool that made him stuffy or just being outside with all the trees and flowers blooming that got him going? Anyway, the HEPA purifier I bought is from RabbitAir and I find it's very good compared to other cheaper air purifiers I've bought in the past.



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