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What do I do now? What doc's & what tests?

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We finallly made it to the MD and he agreed there was something wrong, but had no clue or recomendations other than to go to a pediatric neurologist. He didn't recomend allergy testing, even though his episodes are CLEARLY triggered by diet. Nathan is 10 yo with no diagnosis & symptoms lasting two months now. Here's a post I started about his symptoms etc.


Can anyone please get me pointed in the right direction. I would like to be armed with a list of tests/testing that I would like done next time I go. I would think allergy testing would be vital. What else? What can I expect from a neurologist?


Thanks for any suggestions.



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Have you figured out what things he seems to react to? If so, does eliminating them seem to help any? Any improvement since you were pointed towards the salicylates? were you looking at Feingold Diet? Have you tried any new supplements?


Are you looking to have testing done by your neurologist? I'm not sure he will be the one to guide you on these things, pretty sure he will even know what they are. Did he want to do an EEG? I'm not sure what tests you should do, but and Igg for food intolerances (not necessarily true allergies) is probably a good start for you. I would also go to a regular allergist anyway, since you suspect foods are his trigger for these symptoms, and say you want him tested for food allergies, you may uncover something useful.



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His triggers are definitely food related. He is fine as long has he stays on a strict simple single ingredient diet. He's still no sugar of any kind too. If I can't spell or pronounce it, he doesn't get it. No dyes, preservatives or sugar basically. We got the feingold, but haven't started full force yet. Last week peaches & pistachios set him off with in 15 minutes for a few hours, but I'm not sure why. But they were new foods he had not had, so I know it was it. Our food diary has been very helpful & he has become so intune with his body one bite will tell him if he should have it or not. He says he can "feel" if shouldn't eat it. I haven't started any new supplements.


I would love to be armed with some testing suggestions next time I go.



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When you say "he is fine as long as . . . ," do you mean completely symptom free? If so, that is really a victory. You can work with that.


You mentioned peaches and pistachios. Were the peaches organic? If not, they are hard to wash and may have had pesticide residue on them. Also, peaches (being fuzzy) can hold moisture and mold against their skin easier than smooth fruits like apples. Maybe peeling them would make all the difference. Pistachios, corn, and peanuts are notorious for harboring mold. Have you noticed anything specific with regard to mold? household mold, musty basement or gym, wet cut grass, mushrooms, vinegar, peanuts, aged cheeses, yeast containing foods?


If you have the time and energy to write out his reactive foods, somebody here may see a pattern.


Great Plains has a relatively inexpensive ($200-ish) allergy test (blood). I believe it needs a doctor's signature, not sure. However, your MD could sign for it. They will send you the test kit directly to take to the doc's office or lab.



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