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Guest ronnie

ocd and panic

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Guest ronnie

my 8 year old brother (i'm 24) is hyperactive and has panic attacks. we are trying to resist regular drugs. what are some options? i know that's an open ended question. he's so little and it's scarey for him and the rest of us. thanks for any help. ronnie

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I am trying neurotherapy/biofeedback for my son. The doctor also has this newer/more experimental approach called "Voice Technology", where they analyse your child's voice and give some tapping sequence for different parts of their body for fears/phobias, among other things. It is also called Voice Therapy. It isn't cheap. It costs $1600 up front--for 3 hours of treatment. It can be done over the phone from anywhere. My Doctor (clinical psychologist) is local, but we still used the phone, since his fears were at night. If it works, it is worth every penny.


It sounds like black magic, but we did it for a long-standing fear of my 10 year old son's and it greatly reduced it--it is not eliminated, but under much more control. We aren't through yet, so hopefully there will be further improvement. I know it helps at the time, what I don't know is the long standing impact.


I also firmly believe that video games and scary movies for children prone to any kind of fear is adding fuel to the fire. Exercise can help reduce stress and balance his moods. My son doesn't have panic attacks, but he does occasionally get fears.


Like many here, I would recommend reading around the site and looking for triggers that might be causing an imbalance. Food allergies, artificial colors.


Good luck!


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