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wisdom teeth

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I know everyone is different. What do you do if you have to get your wisdom teeth out. Well there sending my daughter for a consultation. I hoping he says they don't have to come out . They do bother her every couple months for a day or two. I'm worried about the anesthesia. The first thing she said when they told her is "im getting put out for that". She is 14 , I don't blame her for not wanting to be awake. I was awake when I got it done but I was also was in my twenties.

Thanks Maryann

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We had that done in our house last year -- my non-PANDAS child. I would just wait and see what the surgeon says. We did not really have an option. His orthodontia would have been for nothing if we had not had the wisdom teeth taken out. He was "out" for the procedure -- the whole thing took about 1 hour, and he was home in about 2 hours. He was in quite a bit of pain, and on pain meds for three days.

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