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I read your posts the other night and have not had a chance to reply. I'm sure we all can empathize with what you are going through.


You are on the right track with Feingold given your own observations of how your son reacts to certain foods. If you have not already, my advice is to clean out your pantry and get started. We started Feingold and organic last summer, and it was very beneficial to the health of our entire family. By keeping a food journal, I also uncovered that my son was reacting primarily to milk. When we removed this, we saw immediate results - the verbal and motor tics that he was experiencing became less in frequency and intensity within a few days. It took me several months to figure out his major trigger as i overlooked milk many times, but once we did, the results have been remarkable.


Last year, when I was so frustrated, my mother in law suggested that I give this process a year and stretch our my own self imposed timeframe for healing my son. Once I realized that it would take time and accepted what was going on, we all relaxed. Since tics can be triggered by stress, I do think this helped my son. I can tell you that a year later, he is almost tic free most of the time, and it is much easier to pin point what causes a reaction.


If you can find a good environmental doctor (there are many types who use various homeopath treatments), this may help you put the puzzle pieces together.


Stay strong, your child will need your strength to get through this difficult time.


God Bless....

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Thank you so much for your kind words. I can only give the credit to God guiding me through this whole process to be able to say I am where I am with the information I know. I am also so thankful for all the people who post on this forum because it has been such an amazing source of information.


I wanted to just throw a quick thought out to you. I know you are making things from scratch. But there are certain products you might be using to cook from scratch, for example some chicken broth, that have MSG in them (it is listed as Autolyzed Yeast Extract). Now not all chicken broth has it, usually the all organic ones are fine, but my point is even in cooking from scratch MSG can still be getting in the diet. Also if you are using any soy sauce or "flavor type enhancers" like for cooking meats they often contain MSG. Bouillon cubes are loaded with MSG.


Another strange source of what is actually called "free glutamate", it is the free glutamate that is in the MSG that causes the problems, is parmesan cheese. Foods that are fermented for a long period of time create this MSG property. Parmesan cheese is an aged cheese so these free glutamates get formed. That is also why soy sauce, although not MSG itself, still gets an MSG property because it is fermented for a long period of time and these "free glutamates" get formed in the food. Daniel has certainly had reaction to soy sauce and also to parmesan cheese when he has more then just a little sprinkle.


But anyhow I wanted to throw that out there.


God Bless and have a great weekend,



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I am sure none of this is sneaking in as I am cooking everything, I mean everything from scratch. :) Straight spices only. No soy sauce, no etc. Meat, potatoes, noodles, rice, frozen veggies, homemade bread. That about sums it up right now. Thanks for the tip about the free glutamates, I didn't know that. It is just going to take more time, for both of us. :)


Thanks again!



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He's on Omega 3,6,9 , lecithin, magnesium, chromium, claritin, nasocort



I'm wondering if you have seen any increase in problems with the use of Nasocort?


gfam, I haven't read this whole thread and I'm sure you have gotten some great advice, but from what you describe I would go to that first Dr. appt with a specific wish list of tests. Personally, I would want levels of B 12 tested, amino acids (dr will probably balk at that one..since I don't think the majority know a lot about what to do about the results). Zinc and copper levels (i'll add here if I think of more).


This is something that we did, that I found helpful. We went to a Ped allergy specialist (DO). He wrote a list of testst that he wanted the Ped to order. Once there was another Dr. involved, it seemed the Ped felt comfortable ordering the tests like thyroid, ammonia levels, etc. That way insurance covered it. The test results were forwarded to the "referral Dr." I think once a Ped orders testing, they are creating liability for themselves with having to know how to treat/interpret the results. I don't think many Peds are used to dealing with things like amino acids, etc. When you involve another Dr. requesting those tests, it gives the first Dr a way to get you insurance covered testing, without the responsibility of treating things that they don't know about. I didn't figure that out, until well after I went thru the maddening experience. I totally believe that your little guy has some things that medically need to be dealt with. Hang in there. There are so many here willing to help. You are doing a great job of getting a start on helping your little guy.


Gotta run right now, but i'll try to think of some other things that might be helpful for that appt. It's so frustrating to leave with useless info and brushed off concerns. Hopefully you won't have that experience.

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We finally made it to the MD today & he had no clue. We will get a referral to a pediatric neurologist, but that may take up to 3 freaking weeks. Arrgghhh. My poor man. He's doing well today for the first time in days, but he's exhausted from all the stress his body has been under. I am just so sad and don't understand what is going on. Some parts of the puzzle are fitting together, but we are long way from understanding.

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hi gfam


honest I think you will hear a resounding agreement from board members here that most conventional MDs, neuros etc are not going to be very helpful for your child beyond possibly writing precriptions to dampen symptoms, rather than finding root issues and implementing treatments that will help to rectify these


i can almost predict that, unless the ped neuro is on the ball re alternatives etc, all they will do is offer you a drug. :mellow: you can end up on an endless cycle of conventional docs and get nowhere


Docs that are more aware are Integrative, DAN, Environmental, Naturopaths, DOs etc


we have a sticky thread here to try to help locate them


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Thanks Cheri,


I'll check out the link. So far I've been to two ND's and one MD, plus one chiro that specializes in allergies. Nada so far. :mellow: I really would feel better to rule out anything physiological causing this, but I can't imagine there is.

Thanks again.




ETA: I've checked out the link and there is nothing near me. I'll keep looking though. :)

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