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Hello everyone, and thank you for all the usefull info.

our daughter (7) started displaying tics in a sudden and severe way 2 months ago, and this forum and the latitude site were helpful making some sense of what's goin on (and also in reducing severity of tics).

our daughter was just accepted to a new school (our luck... we wanted it for so long, but now we're worried about the change influencing her condition.) The school requires that she will undergo a TB test, and i am concerned this will somehow aggrevate her condition. Our pediatrician said the test is completely safe, and does not spark any immune reaction, but she said that if i'll find any source to support my fear, she will write a letter to the school, asking them to excuse the test.

does anyone have any information about this? Am I adding another worry with no justified reason?





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Depending on which state you are in, you may be able to "opt out" of having the TB test. California lets you opt out of any/all vaccinations, as well as a TB test, simply by signing an affidavit. I am told that all schools -- public and private -- have to accept this affidavit.


Our school made it very easy. They don't advertise it, naturally, but when I asked for it they pulled it out of the folder and handed it to me and that was that. No doctor's note needed, etc.


Other states have exemptions for religious beliefs, as well.


-- Liane

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The only thing I can tell you is that I had this TB test done while I was pregnant with my ts son. I have no info or anything to suggest it might have been a problem, but it always kind of haunts me. I wondered if that put anything into me that contributed to my son's problems (i took a temp job inside a hospital and it was required). If it were me, I would try to get around it. I have no idea what exactly is in there, but with our kids' problems, why add to it? Does the school have to perform it, or can you say you did it at your doc's office and have him sign off that he did it? don't think the doc will agree to that (unless he is devious like me :) , but you can try). I mean this test is just for preventative measures to make sure you don't have the disease, right? its not a vaccine, so I don't think they should make too much of a fuss if you explain the situation. I mean, your doctor should write that note no matter what, if that is YOUR wish.


Good luck


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