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question about gluten free

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My daughter is Autistic, has chronic motor tics and epilepsy. She tested negative for celiac disease but Im going to take her off of gluten to see if she is sensitive. Since she isnt a celiac do I really have to use a different breadmaker, toaster, etc?

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Gluten cross-contamination is an issue, because you can transfer minute amounts of gluten and that can affect your daughter's progress if it is done continually. Our son did not test 'celiac' but is very reactive now to the smallest amounts of gluten. I don't see any reason why you cannot use the same toaster and breadmaker as long as you clean the equipment really well and bake or toast on separate occasions as to minimize possible cross-contamination. Mistakes happen and for small children it is hard to explain why they cannot, for instance, share daddy's butter knife. (In our house double dipping is a problem at times, so the jelly jar has bits of bread crumbs in it-- so if you and your husband are eating regular bread, consider these things). We are 100% GF at our house but when we visit the grandparents or friends' houses we make sure there is no 'cross contamination' on eating or serving utensils, in the butter, jelly jar, or sharing of food from another person's plate, even if it is not a gluten food but is touching food with gluten.

I hope this helps.

I have some basic tips on my blog if you are interested:

Getting Started on a Gluten and Corn-free Diet


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Jenny and Caryn,


I bought an additional toaster so I could segregate. My toaster was the kind that, when you push it down, the sides move in and clamp the toast in place. I could see that there were always crumbs on it. Also, you can get a new toaster for $10.


If you feel the need to have separate breadmakers (I do not), I would go to the website or call and try to order just an additional pan and paddle, not a whole oven.



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