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Should I put my son on a GF diet?


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I am fortunate that my son's tics have been under control for the last several weeks. He was on vacation for two weeks during which time we saw no tics. He is still on medication, but we have been reducing his dose and so far so good. The first time we noticed a tic was yesterday (just one) - it was his first day back at school and he had hot lunch at school. Needless to say, I took him off of hot lunch as of today.


So here's my question -


With things largely under control our doctors have a difference of opinion regarding his recent test results. He tested low reactivity to wheat and wheat gluten on his recent Igg. One doctor says reduce his wheat intake as much as possible. The other says - things are going well, ignore the Igg results, take things one step at a time.


Any thoughts??

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A nice middle-of-the-road approach might be to start making some easy changes now in case you have to go there later. The extreme GF diet is initially very difficult and requires constant vigilance. If you could start by replacing wheat pasta with rice pasta (spagetti, linguini, lasagna noodles, fusilli, and ziti are available at Whole Foods) and/or buy frozen pizzas with wheat-free crusts (Whole Foods or Trader Joe's) and/or change your bread to a wheat-free bread, you will have eliminated 90% of his intake. It is when you are required to reduce that last 10% that makes being gluten free so difficult.

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From my understanding....(and only my understanding) the GF diet could also bring superb benefits even to a average healthy person with no issues (for lack of better words)


I am headed that way but its so overwhelming! I am going to take my time and adjust slowly so that I do not get discouraged and quit.

I am headed to the local whole food store and starting from there. Eventually I hope to be full GF along with my daughter. I find it easier when I do things with her....I always tell her we are a team! so she does not feel left out when she wants something she sees someone else eating...

I hate that part of all this stuff!


Goodluck whatever you decide but l did want to mention that my daughters tics disapear when we travel home to New York. They show up again shortly after we have been home and are settled back into the norm....

Always found that interesting and it may be an environmental allergy issue....just something else for you to consider.

I read about tics going away when in a different atmosphere and then coming back after they were comfortable in their new place.


Confusing confusing


Let me know what you decide....we could probably use each others help as we take this challenge on.......This mountain is STEEP...get ready

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