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Light Sensitivity and Supplements

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My son did that looking at the sun tic for a few years. He does not do that any other time except when he plays baseball. We would tell him not to look at the sun and I think he would try not to and always look out to the outfield. He plays second base and we told him it looks very natural for him to turn to the outfield and give a shout reminding how many outs there are, and even hold up fingers to show the outs. We are not sure if it helped him to tic in a different way and still look like he had his head in the game and not in the clouds :lol: Or if it is because he is in Babe Ruth and he needs to be more focused. He know at this level he will loose his second base spot if he looks like he is not in the game.


I wonder if they outgrow that light sensitivity?



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How do you order the pyloria test? Caryn, do you plan on having your son stay gluten free forever? Did you go to DAN doctor or do the IGG on your own?

Oh, and yes we did go to an optitrician who said he did have more pressure in his eye than normal. Anyone else experience this? We are testing monthly to see if it is glaucoma, yet he has not been able to do the glaucoma screening on my son as he is too sensitive to the light.

We got the pyroluria testing done through our DAN doc, but you could order it yourself online or ask that your general practitioner order it for you (so as to get the insurance to pay). Not to plug my own blog, but I wrote an article about it a while ago when I was trying to understand it myself.



There is a link on the word 'urinary test' that goes to the lab we used. Direct Health Care Access Lab


Do read about it first, though. You may decide he doesn't have the many symptoms after reading my article. Not all people who have screen sensitivities test positive for pyroluria. There may be other causes, as Cheri points out further down this thread.


I also have a hard time with the glaucoma test, but not from the light. It is the air puff. Freaks me out, to be honest.


We are in the process of getting genetic celiac testing done for Tigger. That will help us plan for his future. If he has certain genetic markers it pretty much sets him up for celiac disease in his future if he is eating gluten regularly. For now I plan to stay gluten and corn free diet. He is only 5, and we have a long way to go. I imagine there may be some resistance as he ages.

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Here is a good pyroluria thread that I found in that search result for all posts in which Claire mentions screens/tics/photosensitivity




Caryn, my hubby has suspected glaucoma and the testing set his tics off and actually left him feeling quite weird for a few days.

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Lurker just let me know you are discussing this. I think Chemar's search turned up some of my threads, thanks Chemar.


I am on major deadline for the next 2 days, so fast as I can...


Basically the flickering of light seemed to be a trigger for a number of families (I had a survey thread on that). I suspect these days with LCD monitors more prevalent than 6 years ago when I first noticed it for my son with CRT screen, life has gotten MUCH better for many children. Hallelujah. Plus less thimerisol/mercury in vaccines, so I suspect this is less an issue for kids born in recent years.


Anyway, most people seemed to find that after a week the tic consequences of a light flicker trigger seemed to dissipate.


As for what causes light sensitivity, this is what I found - but I haven't looked at this in years.


1. High Mercury levels (mercury toxicity is known for causing light sensitivity -google it). So many tests here,

- non-invasive urine test for high porphryn levels. Kim found: laboratoire Philippe Auguste [contact@labbio.net] for $110 or so, plus a couple bucks shipping.

-Great Smokies blood test (false negatives though)

- Toxic metals hair tests (false negatives though)

Plusses and minuses, so I like the urine test


2. Pyroluria urine test (think Chemar grabbed this - it is the one I used)


Tel. 847-222-9546

email: dha1825@aol.com

Mostly I think low B6 from pyroluria caused the light sensitivity


3. riboflavin (B2) deficiency makes you light sensitive

I like the www.spectracell.com FIA 5000 blood test (no doctors sig needed unless you want insurance to pay for it) for vitamin and antioxidant deficiencies. Antioxidant deficiencies can indicate likelihood of high metals too.


4. Yeast overgrowth. Anecdotal feedback here only.


My son was low in b2, had pyroluria, had high yeast, had high mercury, had low antioxidants.


I never supplemented my son without tests to verify what he needed. After 2 years of no improvement in light sensitivity - his only tic trigger starting age 8 to ~ 10 years, we did these tests and within 6 months of supplementation no more sensitivity. Zero tics for 4.5 years now.


My old threads have lots of details and others' experience.


Good luck!



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