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how did you cope?


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I posted this same thing on the tic/tourettes/pandas board because my child has those issues too.


When your child was first diagnosed how did you feel? Isa has the tics and vocal tics, epilepsy and sensory issues, now they are saying she is on the autism scale. Im fighting with insurance to get her to a better team of docs, been fighting for that for a month, there has been a doctors appt every week this month, constant ear infections and high fevers, meeting with the early education intervention team and while I think Im taking it all in stride and its not bothering I dont think I really am okay. I feel like all Ive done is fight people, first my own family when they were in denial and then the doctors and the insurance...Ive gotten so serious that my husband cant joke with me, at the end of the day after dealing with her constant hyperactivity and over and over questions that she asks even though she was just told the answer, I am frazzled and worn out and snippy. I dont want this to take over my whole life and let this happen to me and my marriage but at the same time I feel like right now in the beginning I HAVE to be on top of everything until we get all the diagnoses , get her doctors and all that in place....did you all go through this?? Does it get better?? What were your coping methods? Does it level out?

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