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Cheri, thanks for recommending site


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Cheri, thank you so much for recommended the www.iHerb.com site. The prices are great!

Has any one ever tried digestion essentials by Peter Gillhan, it's 4.97. I would have never showed any interest in it but it is made by Peter gillhan who make Natural Calm.

This is not a digestive enzyme. They also have the cocunut oil im going to order for candida and

digestion. I have been spending so much money on vitamins, intestinol support, probiotics,

digestive ezymes. This site is going to save me some money. Thanks again Cherri!

I told my neighbor so we are ordering together so we will have no shipping and handling!

I really would of made the $60 for shipping and handling on my own. Im ordering Natural calm

im getting 16oz for the price I would have paid for 8oz here.

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glad it is of help to you MaryAnn and yes, I usually place a big order too and get the free s/h tho even when one has to pay it, it is still cheaper than buying locally!


not sure if you have seen iherb's Natural Library as well, where they have info on many supps as well as interactions, best supps for various conditions and a whole lot more!

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I know product endorsement is not attractive within a forum, but secrets like iherb were not meant to be kept. I just noticed your reference to it last night and went to their site. I saved so much money. Their prices were half of what I have been paying for the exact same products. The other site you mentioned before Easter, Natural Candy Store, saved Easter at my house.


Do you have any other recommendations?


Thank you,



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Hi Tami

glad you were able to save $ too :)


we are real careful on any affiliated product endorsement here, but anyone wanting to post links to helpful sites or products that they are not earning profit from...we absolutely dont mind that.


I have been using iherb.com for years now cos of their prices. My hubby really likes the natural calm and as noted above by MaryAnn, the large size tub at iherb costs what the small size one does at vitamin shoppe!!

some things (like monolaurin) I get from our local Vitamin Shoppe as iherb doesnt carry them.....yet!

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