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URGENT!S.722 threatens access to supplements

Guest Jennifer

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Guest Jennifer

Dear Parents,


Like myself, I know many of you out there have searched long and hard for natural ways to deal with our children's health problems. Many of you have just started your journey, while others have found the supplements that have allowed your child to enjoy a dramatic reduction of symptoms if not complete remission.

A goal that most likely would have been difficult to reach via pharmaceutical means.


Senate Bill S.722 would change all that.....S.722 is NOT about consumer safety. Under Senator Durbin's Bill if just one report of an adverse event occurred while taking a dietary supplement , even though it is not known to be causually related to the supplement, the FDA will have the authority to start procedures ending the marketing. All the procedures would be left entirely to the discretion of the FDA.


The DSHEA Act which went into effect in 1994 offers protection enough for consumers. Let's enforce our existing laws without adding more which would only infringe upon our freedoms to enjoy good health.


www.citizens.org is a website that will provide more information on the issue as well as ways to reach your senator. http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/dietsupp.html

provides you with the FDA summary on the DSHEA Act which is currently in effect.


I urge all of you parents to not risk losing the benefits we and our children have reaped from pursuing natural side-effect free approaches. May our voices be heard in this urgent issue.


Thanks for taking time to read this,



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