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I feel I found the perfect vitamin for us. (Intrakid)


Now I have just ordered a digestive enzyme and probiotic that I also feel was worth the sleepness nights....


My problem is that my daughter cannot swallow pills and if something does not taste good to her....well I am sure you know where I am going here...


Anyhow for those looking for the two products in a childrens chewable here you go (also plant sourced!)





(Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the KIDS TOTAL DIGESTION TWIN PACK) Its 2 bottles of the probiotics and 2 bottles of the digestive enzymes)


Also got some natural shampoo, the one we have now makes TOO many tangles. Maybe this one will work.


If anyone takes a look at the page...let me know what you think.

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Thanks somuch for the info but I am afraid I already placed my order. I have wrote down the ones you suggested though. If the ones I ordered do not do it then i will try thoses next. Thanks so much for the info...have a wonderful weekend

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Could you give me an idea what is going on with the new vitamin Intrakid? Do you think it is a miracle? Oh, by the way, the mom that posted about taking it on the airplane, I have read, yet not checked myself that Target carries little plastic bottles that are perfect for taking stuff on the airplane.

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