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Guest Al

ocd? what do you suggest?

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Guest Al

I guess you could say I have OCD but I have never been treated for it. I have to check things over and over, and repeat things a certain number of times in my head. I never really thought much about it. I'm wondering if I should see a doctor for it and if it is related to my ADHD. Any ideas? I'm 23.

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Hi Al

I usually only post on the TS board but just checked in here and noticed your post.

It does sound like some OCD symptoms.

If they are not bothersome to you then just let them be.

If they cause you problems, it is good to get diagnosis and treatment.


My son has OCD along with Tourette Syndrome.

We did not find much help from the medications that the doctors put him on but have seen a great improvement since he started on supplements, specifically 5HTP, Inositol and GABA. (these should not be taken with prescription meds tho)


all the best


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