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Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy on Autism Recovery


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Hi all...Have you been following the CNN autism series?


Jenny is putting together a documentary on this, with Jim Carey's support. I keep hoping someone will get them to mention tic syndromes as part of the documentary! Star power might get this the attention it deserves.


I do want to shout this from the rooftops, as she says...





Jenny McCarthy: My son's recovery from autism


Story Highlights

McCarthy believes diet and vitamins helped her son recover from autism

Vaccines played a role in son's autism, she says

McCarthy and Jim Carrey think children being given too many vaccines, too soon http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/04/02/mccarthy....ment/index.html

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HomeResourcesAsk Jenny!



Ask Jenny!



Ask teach2talk™ co-founder Jenny McCarthy any questions you may have about her journey with her son, Evan, and how the video modeling and other instructional techniques used in teach2talk’s™ products have helped Evan and may be able to help your child.




A Resource for Parents with Questions About teach2talk™

Many of you have called or emailed to let us know you’ve read Jenny’s new book, Louder Than Words, and have been touched or inspired by, or can personally relate to, her story of her journey in healing her son Evan’s autism.


Many others have called or emailed to let us know that you appreciate Jenny stepping forward to bring more attention to children with autism and other pervasive developmental disorders as well as other deficits. Jenny does her best to read every email she receives, but she’s only one (very busy) person!


So, Jenny and Sarah got together and decided to create a place on the teach2talk™ website for parents, family members and others who have a child with autism in their life to ask Jenny questions about her own experiences with Evan, including how the video modeling and other instructional techniques used in teach2talk’s™ products have helped Evan.


Jenny will read all of the questions submitted to her, and once a week she will select one of the best questions to answer right here on our website. That way, all of our visitors will be able to read and have the benefit of her answers.




How to Ask Jenny a Question

To ask Jenny a question, send her your question clicking here or email Jenny at askjenny@teach2talk.com with the following information:


First Name

Email Address

City and State

Your Role (e.g., Parent, Relative)

Your Question!



If you do not include all of the required information, we’re very sorry but we will not be able to use your question and Jenny will not read it.



If anybody wants to Tell Jenny there stoy I found this-Maryann

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