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Curious:How many of us have clear reasons for the tics?

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I'm curious to know how many of us are clueless as to the origination of our child's tics? I guess I want to know how many folks are in the same boat as me! We have no hereditary TS or tics and Griffin is not PANDAS.

I know that a handful of you have children with genetic TS and some can actually pinpoint PANDAS as their trigger for the tics.


Also, I noticed that most of the folks on here have children between the ages of 4 and 14. Why is that? Except for Chemar, as I know her son is 18. Is it just that people get a handle on the tics by the time the kids are teens? Are teens more cognizant of their tics so they control them more? Do tics really clear up for some kids after puberty?


Again, I'm just curious so if you all would like to discuss these issues please feel free to share and humor me!!! -_-

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I have often wondered about the age thing myself, I was thinking that either their out there and not posting or do most parents medicate? I know I have many mom friends that we have met through sports and more then half of them have confessed they have a child medicated for one reason or another. I was shocked and it really made me think why is this happening to so many kids. i finally had a friend admit her 17yo dd is taking prozac, she hid that info by saying take your allergy medication. I think the only reason she admitted it to me is because I get on the soap box and don't shut-up.


Just my thoughts,


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I just wanted to add that my son is 18, was diagnosed with not TS, but a chronic motor tic disorder at age 6. He started at 4 with shoulder shrugging, 2 years later was a bad head nod, and a few other tics. The head nod was what was the worst for our son as it hurt his neck really bad. We think his tics are family related. I was told that the tics are bad between 4-18 as that is when the dopamine starts up in their system and is out of wack. We tried environmental dr, did scratch tests for allergies, and eliminated bad food. It never really did seem to help. Unfortunately we decided to medicate him, which I regret to this day. I truly believe that all of the natural treatments can and will help if they are stuck with. My son has been off his medication now for 2 years, and is doing great. He has just a slight tic when nervous--looks to the right, and mild OCD. I was told by the neurologist that most kids get significantly better between 18 and early adulthood. At the time, I so wanted to believe him but just wasnt sure. So, I just want to give people hope here, that their child has a very great chance of no tics or greatly reduced tics after puberty. We have an appointment next week with a naturopath that is suppose to be really good, and he is going to be tested by IGG bloodwork for food allergies. I still believe that may be his problem as he has stomach issues. We still follow Feingold and love it.

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I want to thank you so much for letting us know how your son is doing. I'm very happy for you all, and thanks for giving us the hope.


Just to give you a little hope too, my husband said all his motor tics want away in his early twenties. Now at 44 he has a just a word tic/habit. I call it a habit because he never just says the word for no reason he slips it in his sentances. Kind of like a teenager with their slang, they just slip it in where ever.


He calls me "LOVE" when he talks to me. I remember after being married for a few years (did not know he had TS) he said "LOVE" in between his sentances that one day I told him to "STOP LOVING ME" Thank goodness he didn't listen. -_-


Thanks again, sending a prayer your way that he happy days are ahead.


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Our son is 9, had eye blinking, then abdominal, leg, arm that all started at 7. We have no TS/Tic history in our family. He is doing pretty good now. Hasn't had much of a tic since September, at least nothing more then some eye blinking or a slight head nodding tic at his 9th birthday in September. I honestly feel his diet, Calm, Bonnies pill program and the NAET Dr plus a lot of prayers that have helped. Trust me, I have had more then my share of tears and anxious times. I am still not where I want to be as far as emotionaly with all this. I do tend to not turn around and watch him quite as much in the car and if I do see him ticcing I can now walk away and not feel like I am being a bad parent. All this healthy eating has turned him into a much happier person. He is thriving in every way.

By the way, he doesn't have any OCD, AD or any other conditions that seem to co exist with Tics/TS.


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"I remember after being married for a few years (did not know he had TS) . . ."


You have no idea how meaningful, hopeful, and inspirational that was for me.


By the way, I live near "the Valley," so if my son were to develop a word tic like "um," "dude," or "like," no one would ever notice.



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I can honestly say that my son's tics started after a vaccine!!!!!! The ONLY genetic predisposition is with his cousin, who is my sister's son. No other history in our family!! Both of our boys have some LD/Dislexia/ADHD/TS/Tics/Stuttering history with all four of the boys. My brother's kids have no tics/TS. My parents have no history!!!!


Here is that article by David Kirby....and look at the age they say that kids develop tics at!!!!!




Despite these statistical pressures to drive the numbers downward, the associated risk for tics among boys was a real standout.


Boys who received the highest amounts of thimerosal in the first seven months of life were determined by evaluators to be 2.19 times more likely to have motor tics at age 7-10 years, and 2.44 times more likely to have phonic tics, than boys with the lowest exposures.


Any relative risk between exposure and outcome that exceeds 2.0, incidentally, is considered to be proof of causation in US courts of law.


The researchers did not differentiate between "transient" tics, which go away within a year, and "chronic" tics, which can last a lifetime. Nor did they distinguish between "simple" and "complex" tics.


I know the temptation is strong to think, "Well, it's just tics." But I suggest consulting the literature, which paints a more disturbing picture, especially if it's your kid we are talking about.



Severe behavioral problems are sometimes associated with tics, as well, and "there is some evidence that temper tantrums, aggressiveness, and explosive behavior appear in preadolescence and intensify in adolescence."


Finally, many children with both phonic and motor tics are diagnosed with Tourette's disorder, which frequently causes "aggressiveness, self-harming behaviors, emotional immaturity, social withdrawal, physical complaints, conduct disorders, affective disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, stuttering, sleep disorders, migraine headaches, and inappropriate sexual behaviors," the Encyclopedia says.


(Interestingly, Tourette's disorder is three-to-four times more common in males than females, the same ratio as autism, ADD and ADHD).


Now, if "simple" tics include head jerks and barking; and "complex" tics can entail biting, banging and screaming obscenities; and if thimerosal can more than double the chance of tics in boys; then Atlanta, we have a very big problem.




HMMMMMMM.....how many people out there tracked the vaccine date and the date the tics started!!! My older son stuttered when he was about 4-5.....I still have not looked at his vaccine dates, but I know he needed vaccines to get into pre-school and pre-school is when the stuttering started!!! He outgrew it along with his asthma from childhood....which I also found several articles linking this to vaccines too young!!

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Wow, Tracey, I read the article and it scares me to death to tell you the truth!

I already see anxiety in my son and maybe even some LD stuff, too. But, the scary stuff about self-injurious behaviors and other stuff really makes me sad! To think that I thought I was doing what was right with vaccinations. Even though I can't point to his tics or behaviors to a vaccination, I don't doubt that it could be part of the problem.

My dh has ADHD and had some LD as a child. His father is an undiagnosed OCD, but I personally think it's old age and Alzheimers. It's my mother in law who thinks he's OCD. I think he's just an eccentric old man! Of course, it wouldn't surprise me if my father in law had some stuff going on as a child since my dh had problems. So, I wonder: genetics or immunizations? Or, did his genetics make him more prone to problems from the vaccinations themselves?

Hmm, so much to ponder!

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  • 4 months later...

Hi everyone.


Regarding the no family history part, it is surprising the number of people who do have it and aren't aware. So many people have said that after really looking into it how uncles, grandparents etc did have a twitch either now or when they were kids. If it isn't too noticable then it isn't picked up. TS is so different with everyone and we sometimes look for the obvious when trying to figure out if there is a family history.

There does seem to be alot of support for the theory that the gene makes you more suseptible to TS, along with the influence of environmental factors etc.

My older brother has TS and is the only one of the 5 siblings with it. Out of all of our children {nieces and nephews plus my kids}my 8 yr old son is the only one with it. Some research shows that epilepsy is also related and interestingly 2 of my other kids have that. As for the OCD my other 2 kids have that, but not incredibly bad. (I have 5 kids, 2 boys and 3 girls) Strange stuff.

I'm still incredibly blessed however considering the things that some poor kids have.

I strongly believe that there are outside influences that can have an effect on the ticcing. That's where I'm at now. Still trying to figure it out. :wacko:

A healthy diet can't be a bad thing anyway, can it? ha.

Hope everyone is well... this is a good topic!! :D


From Lyn.

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we have family history of tics and TS and OCD, so I guess that is our primary clear reason.

I do however firmly believe that my son's onset was related to a variety of triggers


for Lynnie and anyone else looking for info on potential tic triggers

(scroll down page to see the lists)


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I developed a blinking tic when I was 17 that I still have today (I'm 27). I have an occasional "breathing tic" where I exhale a certain way out of my nose. Sometimes it's coordinated with my blinking and sometimes it's not. I've always been pretty OCD ever since I can remember.


I haven't been diagnosed with anything (altho my doctor did say "you've developed a tic. We'll put you on Zoloft and that will take care of it) but have been going to my GP recently because I'm tired of this tic. I'm not interested in taking the Zoloft tho because of the sexual side effects. And also a few hours after I took it the first night I started throwing up. I don't think it was related to the Zoloft, however, because I only took 1 and I was sick for the next two weeks. Zoloft's halflife isn't that long.


I'm also extremely high strung and have a lot of "nervous habits" altho they are not tics because I can stop them if I want and there's no premonitory sensation that precedes them, unlike with my blinking where it feels like there's dusty air in my eyes and that sensation is only relieved by blinking very hard.

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good question, ilovedogs. Over a year since my son's TS diagnosis i am still banging my head against the wall while it seems that so many people have been able to pinpoint these "triggers", i have not. OK granted, from what i am TOLD, my son's bio father had some tics as did his father....SO, that brings me back to the original question. I recall years ago the paradigm was that the "brain chemicals" are messed up. Thats all. Brick wall type stuff, it is was it is, an organic disorder, you cant get into the brain and change that. Well, new paradigms surfaced with all this natural stuff. I am now much more versed on the impact of things on our bodies and am a believer, but still cannot pinpoint anything with my son. For my son, who is almost 9, all this started with a Dx of autism as 2 yr old (now Dx with "only" PDD), and my son had the most bizzare sensory issues since the beginning of time. It seems that those sensory things morphed into actual tics, and sometimes the two seem fused. What i would give ot find a forum or a doctor specializing in the sensory mystery, why someone's body would need sensory stimulation that seems so odd and uncomfortable, such as needing someone to blow on his ears, roughly rubbing his ears on my eyes, his forehead on mine, cheek to cheek rubbing etc. That has never gone away, though the actual tics seemed to literally dissapear on Feb 5th. Have not seen one tic except yesterday and this moring noticed a slight a brief body shiver, looked like a tic, but so hard to tell. Of course since my faith has been growing weaker i have let him have all kinds of foods this summer, not to the extreme of candy, but close enough, and he has been a MESS thepast month and half, but still without tics.


I still feel like i have NO clue if the foods are problem, something tells me the issue is a deeply complex biological issue involving the liver and digestive systems, and of course immune system, but i am no doctor nor do we at thispoint have a steady alternative doctor to explore this with, though i intend to. Should i chalk my son up, and this bad period up to brain chemicals firing wrong for the past month?? what does that even mean?! Why are children being BORN with these problems?! that is crazy. By the way my son is Dx with PDD, tourette and OCD. He is on no meds and on some supps. Also, a food such as an MnM could not cause a reaction an hour later, could it?! and why dont i get tics eating the junk i eat? i am weary of these mysteries and not having the right doctor to ask. I would like ot try an at home detox, dont know which to try though, i was told about just straight clay drink which cleans out the colon non chemically, but that sounds a little extreme?


I dont know if ive added anything helpful here, just agreeing that i do not feel any closer ot knowing the whys of all of this. Good luck as always.

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