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Immunococal good for glutathione obsorption

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Has anyone had experience with Immunococal for their child to help reduce tics? It is supposed to help with obsorption of glutathione. Also, I just heard on the news of an 80% success with a new natural medication for Austism. I am not sure of the spelling. Carniceine? If anyone can share experience or knowledge of these I would love to hear about it. B)

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Dear Sarah,


Glutathione can help detoxification of the brain . Selenium is necessary for the body to produce adequate amounts of glutathione. Glutathione can be given intravenously. Some physicians are using this for autism.

There is also a nutritional powder made specifically for the brain called brain recovery. It includes a number of nutrients important for brain function and is pleasant tasting. You can find out more about it on Dr. David Perlmutter's website BrainRecovery.com


Also, you should know about EPD or enzyme potentiated desensitization that is used for the treatment of autism in England and other European countries. I have used it on some autistic children with good results. It involves getting one injection every two or three months to help the immune system. If you want more information on EPD let me know.

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Dr. Robbins--I hope its ok to jump in here. I was just at a conference and saw a book on autism from a Dr Shaw at Great Plains Labs and it had a section on EPD and how it helped a family with an autisic child.


Where can we learn more about it? The child also had a problem with candida and they were following a special diet and avoiding milk and wheat. Is there a book on it? They said it made a huge difference for their child.


Sorry, Sarah-- I have never heard of Carniceine!? You have given me something to look into! Val

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