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Whole Foods or Trader Joes


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Okay, Im driving into Chicago this weekend because they have Whole Foods and Trader Joes there. Ive never been to either, for those of you who have which one do you like better and why? If you have only been to one then what do you like about the one you 've been to?

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We buy rice milk at Trader Joes, most gluten free/corn free/ additive free staples at Whole Foods (better for Feingold IMHO), and buy our bulk organics at Costco. We also get non-organic meats at Costco as they are better quality. Trader Joe's has a gluten free list. Don't know about dairy free, but ask. Whole foods does concierge. I am assuming you are doing more than just casein free? Just ask for help when you get to the store. Many good supplements can be bought at Whole Foods, but you can also buy online at a better discount in some cases. Which way are you coming in? We are in Chicago area. I have been to many Whole Foods stores. Some are better than others. Same goes with Trader Joes.


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Jenny C-


I shop at TJ and WF and buy different things at each.


TJ's: Almond and rice milk (MUCH cheaper here - stock up), nuts and various trail mixes, dried fruit, interesting organic chips - some with flax seeds, salad dressing, condiments, bread (they have a better selection of GF, yeast free, ect.), some meat (roasts for crock pot), granola cereals, some veges and fruit (smaler selection BUT they have some good stuff, the selection seems to vary from week to week), org. sugar, various flours (if they don't have what i need i buy at WF), yummy salsas, org olive oil and other cooking oils, natural hand soap/cleaning products, sometimes get lunch meat here too, rice pasta, pear and mango sauce, beautiful inexpensive flowers and wine for mom :-)


* I think TJ is cheaper on the items above but their stock and selection is limited. At the same time, they have some interesting and specialty items. If you call ahead and there is an item you need, have them hold it for you. Both WF and TJs are frequently out of almond milk, which I buy.


WF: I buy most everything else here b/c my TJ does not carry it ... Any non-granola Cereal, meat (their meat is packed in the store and has a good selection), ghee, Eggs with Omega 3, GF/CF mixes, rice crackers, Rice Dream, organic produce, coconut oil, org. juices and juice boxes, org canned foods - black beans, corn, ect., organic taco shells, some org mixes (i.e. chilli mix, taco mix .. TJ does not carry it), org popcorn - no butter, Bob's pancake mix, edamames, organic jello, vitamins, calcium supps, lunch meat from deli counter (with no nitrates, ect.), Small bottles of water for lunch box, Small bags of org chips and snacks for lunch box (TJ only carries large bags), Yummy Earth lolli pops, Annie's products: ketchup. Ian's frozen products: fish sticks, GFCF chix nuggets. Also buy health supplies here as needed ... like cough medicines, ect. Rachels yougart for Mom.


* I have not used the WF concierge but have used the allergy lists on line. They have a dairy free not casein free, but at least it was helpful. The staff there is also very helpful in guiding you.


Happy Shopping!! Email me if I can help you anymore since we are also CF.

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Our TJ does NOT have the GF bread selection you mentioned (I am assuming you mean fresh?). I find more luck with that at WF, especially with pizza crusts, etc.... having said that, other TJs stock up on other things. So I agree, it is best to call first.



Go to both if you can. Some places (Like Evanston) the two are within a short distance of each other (like one mile). In other areas you've got to travel 10 miles. I totally agree on the rice milk. STOCK UP! It is sooo cheap.

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