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The dreaded halloween


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I am dreading Halloween coming! My children of course want to have all the fun with the other kids. But it's a disaster! there is so much candy. I don't want to make them sick by making them eat it all at once so i drag it out with a little everyday. and the result is off the wall kids for a month!! How do others of you deal with this? :)

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Hi Joan,

Let the kids have fun collecting all the goodies. Make a suggestion to donate all the candy to a local church or soup kitchen for the needy people. That will be a win win for all involved, teach your kids the lesson of sharing.

Meanwhile, let them dive for apples, eat raisens and nuts, pumpin pie at an impromptu party suplied by you.

Just my 2 cents. :)


Mustang Carole

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Thank you, Mustang Carole. This way they can have the fun at least of collecting the candy, if I can just convince them to do go along with the sharing idea! I work in a middle school and we can always predict that after halloween the number of suspensions for unruly behavior will spike. It's such a crazy (stupid!) holiday. I think hte dentists invented it. Joan :)

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Guest Guest_Marybell

Uh-oh--I may be too late with this! I make a deal ahead of time that we will sort the candy, pick out a few of the least chemically laden, and then I buy the rest or trade it for something they want. It is a fun time for kids and they need to feel included but they don't need a few weeks of brain reactions as they eat it all up! And we try to find things to do besides focus on the candy.


Of course once they are teenagers, it gets harder. Hopefully by then they have figured out that a ton of junk isn't good for them. (I know, that maybe wishful thinking!) :)

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