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Intrakid Update


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Please take a look at this article. Its interesting and all so familiar in what I have read and been taught from all of you here on these boards.

Dr. Richard Drucker is the one who formulated the intrakid.


My daughter has been on only 1/2 the required dose and the difference in her mood is quite noticeable. She starts on the recommended dose tomorrow so I will update again on Friday. Only saw a few minor tics today. HUGE IMPROVEMENT in our eyes!!


I even ordered the intramax for myself tonight! I want to see how I feel.


Also just a note for everyone...I am not affliated nor do I work for or sell intrakid or intramax. i am just extremely excited about the results we have seen in such a short time and at only 1/2 the recommended dosing.




please take a look at the article from "to your health magazine"...Jan issue



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Hi Jasminky,


Thank you for your update. I am really excited for you and also about the product. Hope you don't mind me asking a few questions. Do you see a significant reduction in the tics ? My daughter does not have any problems with her mood, only her tics and some anxiety issues. Just wondering if she will be a candidate for intrakid.


I will look forward to your next weekly update. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to give us the updates.



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I would say she was doing great as far as tics as well. But let me update again on Saturday after she has had the recommended dosing all week. You take it for 6 days and on the 7th day you do not take it. Them after the first two weeks you go down to a maintenanace dosage. Still only 6 days though. She was so happy today and calm today I thought she might have a fever! LOL

Hopefully this is just not a coincidence and things will continue to stay and get even better! Please pray for me! I will post again on Saturday. Also if you ever decide to order let me know first. I found a place with free prioirty shipping and $20 less than all the sites I found that sell it. Thanks and have a great night Nan! Sincerly,


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I would love the discount site info. I have allergy results back so I am ready to order vitamins.


Are you supplementing mag and zinc separately. I mentioned in the other thread on this subject that it looks low in mag (which is good because I like Natural Calm) and the copper/zinc ratio was high. So I am going to bump his zinc up too.





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Hello, I am not supplementing with any thing else at all. It was suggested not to do that with these. so I am giving it a go with just the liquid vitamin. So far so good! I am hoping so badly that this continues to benefit her.

The place I found them is www.cleanSurroundings.com They also have FREE priority shipping as well! I only paid 59.50 and most other places I came across were 80 just for the vitamins! not including shipping.

If these continue to make improvements with us then I will follow the instructions on druckerlabs site and get them at a discounted rate.

Have to look more into that yet. I really hope the best to you and PLEASE PLEASE if you do get the vitamins keep me posted okay. Especially after the first and second week!

have a nice night

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Thanks for providing the discount information and status updates. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that IntraKid shows results for your child for the long haul. I'm very interested in purchasing Intrakid, too, but I'm hesitant because it's pretty expensive. Of course, if it makes a huge difference, then it's well worth every penny. If I get Intrakid, I'll definitely update everyone on progress, too. I have a 10 year old son with moderate tics and some anxiety (overnights, being by himself, etc.).


Thanks again for all the great comments/suggestions. This forum is fastastic!



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So, how's it going with the intrakid??? I'm curious b/c I've been looking into it as well!

The only thing that bothers me about liquid vitamins is about traveling with them. We travel about 4 times a year via airplane and these new travel restrictions really bug me! If I start a vitamin/supplement regimen I want to keep it going. That's why I switched ds over to kids calm and got him off of the Floradix.

Keep us posted!


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