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we are coming up to our annual iep date at school, for tourette syndrome and OCD. the more I read, the less pleased I am with what the school is offering. does anyone know what the best way is to find an advocate? do people volunteer to do this, or do I need to hire someone?? an attorney or layperson? any help will be appreciated. Socorro

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Hi, Socorro. It depends where you live. Some school districts have a parent support department and will assign someone, sometimes a staff member and sometimes a volunteer, to sit in on your IEP meeting and offer suggestions and support. It always makes the team sit up and pay attention! Otherwise, if it is a serious problem, it can be worth it to locate an advocate and pay for the service. I would ask for recommendations at parent support groups. (Teachers may not be inclined to give any names out!) I hope it works out nicely for you. Sheila

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