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Question about Feingold diet

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What have other people found? A friend passed me a list of Feingold diet foods to stay away f rom and others to eat. There's a bunch of sweet things. It makes sense to me to stay away from the artificial stuff. We try to do that. But what about all the sugar cookeis, cakes. things like that? Is it oK to eat them if they are on the list? I have one hyper one for sure and diet seems to set him off. I want to have a good year at school (for once!) Thank you! Fran


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I just read something in the latest Latitudes. The editor Sheila Rogers said that a lot of the people who read that (and would be on the forum I think) need to limit all the sugars. not just cane, but corn syrup, honey, maple syrup etc in case it bothers the blood sugar levels or adds to candida yeast problems. That's the best I can recall it. No sense eating junk anyway if our little ones aren't feeling good. Everything i read says yes to geting rid of the additives and chemicals. But then cut way back on the sugars too. nancy :blink:

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we did an elimination diet and when we added foods back in sugar was one of the worst. there's always controversy about sugar and whether it really matters or not but after seeing that we cut it out and are glad we did.

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