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MSG, Barley Malt?


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You've got a tough job. This is the hardest part. I was sick to my stomach when I realized how much food we had that was made with gluten. I gave my brother about four bags of groceries!

MSG contains gluten and is a dangerous excitotoxin even for those that do not need to be gluten free. (Read Dr. Russell Blaylock)

Barley malt is also gluten, as is rye.

Also, no enriched rice as it is sprayed with gluten to get the vits to stick to the rice. If you already have it you need to soak and wash the rice 8-10 times to get the vits and gluten off for sure. Just buy plain run of the mill rice.

Watch your spices. Use only McCormick single ingredient spices, not the 'mixes'. Other brands might be safe, I just know that most rely on McCormick as a good brand. If you can get to a health food store or Whole Foods (possibly some local grocers) you can make a homemade GF all purpose flour for your gravies and soups, etc... It is Betty Hageman's famous recipe from about thirty years ago:

2 cups white rice flour

2/3 cup potato starch

1/3 cup tapioca flour.

Works great. I have used it to make cookies and pie over the holidays, and as a thickener in my stews.


Soy sauce has gluten. We buy a special brand: SanJ (only one of their soy sauces is gluten free, it will say 'wheat free' on the bottle).

Basically, most of your seasonings and sauces are contaminated, your chips, dips, etc....

Don't worry, there are loads of alternative foods and of course you can do just about anything from scratch instead for cheaper than the alternatives but that does take time.



P.S. don't buy lunch meat at the deli (they don't clean machines between customers and gluten contamination is very likely). We eventually bought our own meat/bread slicer and are very happy with it.) I buy my luncheon meats at costco or whole foods now in the original packaging and bulk slice/freeze portions with great success. It is actually saving us money!!


Clean out that toaster pretty good, too. Use a vaccum if you have one. Some throw out the toaster. I think that's unnecessary.


link to unsafe ingredients:


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I know alot of walmart brand foods will say gluten free if they are safe but Ive read some of their labels and cant find wheat or gluten or barley or rye or any of that but it doesnt say gluten free so does that mean its not okay even though I see nothing on the ingredient list?


Also, Isa doesnt have celiac disease so do I really need to be careful of things that dont have gluten in them but are processed in a plant that also processes gluten?


Thank you so much for that flour recipe, does that measure at a 1 to 1 ratio of regular flour?


Also when your family went off of gluten did you all feel better or just the ones who had issues with gluten?


I was thinking of keeping Isa gluten free and us not , for example make us regular pasta but her gluten free to save on costs but Im wondering if we may feel better off of gluten as well.

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we don't generally do gluten free, but did try it as part of our elimination diet in our initial DAN treatment. Just wanted to mention that most spices by Emeril are considered safe for the gluten free. They said Boarshead cold cuts were okay too, but I never thought about the machine as a contaminator from other products, so good point there. Maybe they have boarshead in individual packages? I also have a product I really like called "Orgran all purpose crumbs" and they are great tasting to make chicken nuggets or anything you want with a little crispy coating. I think its made from rice flour, but it is great when fried up.......... Caryn, you are so on the ball, I've told you before how I envy you!




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