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Oldest Son ADHA? youngest an automatic ADHD too?

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:( My Oldest son was diagnosed ADHD at the age of 7, he is now 10 and still has a number of problems in the school enviroment. He can't read, he is on medication but the problems remain.

Our main concern now is our youngest, who, at the age of 8 has simular test results... they have decided he must also be ADHD. We don't see it, he is all the things his older brother isn't, we believe he has dyslexia like his father. I am looking for a way to be taken seriously, as my norwegian isn't as good as the "experts" I seem to get treated like I'm the child :lol: I've read a number of studies and books on ADHD, mostly in English... They help me to understand, just wish I could get the so called "experts" to understand too...

Are there any absolutes when it comes to the differences ADHD/Dyslexia?



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Read some of the suggestions for Jerry. Another option is to get a second opinion by an independent party. The first suggestion being rule out the physical factors is the really good advice especially if your instincts are that he is not ADHD. You may want to have your oldest son checked for allergies too. My son has been on about 15 diff.meds. he is 9 chances are if meds are not working it could be something else. It is not the easy road as there is not yet much research in the areas at least not enough for many professionals to be convinced. There is a dyslexic teaching web site which has a wealth of information www.dyslexia-teacher.com.

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