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I have had this problem for nearly a year now. It started exactly on December 16, 2006. I have to remind you that I tended to avoid the subject of infidelity namely women committing infidelity. It has nothing to do with my life and I hate double standards. I know that women cheat and so do men. But as of the last 11 months, I have had thoughts about women who mistreat their husbands, disrespect on them, and cheat on them with many men. It isn't a common story of a man who cheats on his wife with another woman, a woman who is a sex addict, a man who is a philanderer or womanizer or an unhappy, bored, lonely housewife who has one or a few men who she sleeps with. I am talking about women who sleep with entire towns, entire villages, women who don't care, evil, selfish women who have good, faithful husbands who they treat poorly and don't appreciate what they have and rather have sex with a large number of other men, who are usually no good. My fear is that I will read, hear, or have an encounter in real life with such a woman.


These promiscuous woman are not just women who love sex, adventure, prostitutes, sex addicts, or women with low selfesteem, self worth issues, swingers, alcoholics, or drug users, or porn stars. My guess is that women such as the first group of women I have described are in the minority unlike the bored, lonely, frustrated, or unhappy housewife who cheats with another man or two.


It is worrisome to me. I wonder how many men she has slept with, why she cheated, how does she really feel about the husband, how does she feel about the other man, what will be end result of the marriage or divorce, what kind of woman she is, is she troubled, why she married him. What does sleep with an entire town mean? half of a basketball team? What is her view of the concept of marriage? Is she sleeping with everybody but her husband? Does she hate her husband? Did she cheat because she does not love her husband or want to hurt him?


The OCD says that these women are worse than whores. Adulterous women are unredeemable b*****, tramps, sluts. These women are trash and deserve whatever bad thing they get. They don't love their husbands. These sluts don't even love or respect themselves. The more men she sleep with, the worse the human being she is. She should not be forgiven for she is the lowest of the low. How could that tramp do what she does? Has she no soul? Has she no conscious? I cannot believe that there are women like that. Women are fools. It is like the OCD is a mysoginist.


But my view is that every marriage and every person, men and women are different. I believe that some are just plain stupid or simple minded. It is frustrating that one has a good man and should be appreciative and work on their marriages. I suspect that most of these women loved their husbands and married him for love and security. She respected her husband and married him thinking that this guy would be the one. Women who are adulterous are mostly troubled women who have issues that they should discuss with their husbands or a counselors. They fail to realize that the other man or men are not worth any added trouble. If you have a problem, seek help. While these women are mostly not evil, infidelity is. It is deceitful, troublesome, selfish, and disrespectful. There is no justification for infidelity. It is a betrayal and it is painful. Does it mean that just because a woman committed infidelity that she does not love or respect her husband? No, but the act itself says otherwise and it is a symptom to much greater problems. Women who commit adultery can be redeemed. I also suspect that most of these women are not whores in the worse possible sense, overtly promiscuous, disrespect their partners otherwise, or intentionally (which they are).


I tend to want answers and OCD attaches itself to specific stories that would not bother me otherwise. Some scenarios are not as bothersome as others. I have to know the answers to everything. I would like to know if there is anyone else who has this very same issue. I am not in a relationship, yet I have these thoughts about adultery. I have not cheated, nor have been cheated on.

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