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Is it too early to worry?

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I am new to this discussion board and I have a question.

I would like some information on how early is too early to start worrying about a learning disability with my child. I have a son who is almost 5. He finished Pre-school this past year and will be entering Kindegarten in the Fall. I almost held him back and let him repeat Pre-School because he has a late birthday, but decided to let him go to Kindegarten after discussing the situation with his teachers and principal. I am worried that he may have a learning disability. He sometimes writes his letters backwards, and counts from right to left. But the majority of the time he will do it the correct way. Is he too young to be worried about this yet?


Thanks, nmh175

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Dear NMH, As a school psychologist I can tell you that yes, it's a little soon to be worried--so that's good! And the fact that teachers and the principal agree he should move on is also a good sign. If by mid first grade he is still showing directionality confusion, that would be more of a concern.


Many K kids do this, and since your son is young he needs even a little more leeway.


Also, some kids struggle with this yet it doesn't mean they have an actual learning disability. One easy thing to do is put a little removable sticker or note on the left side of the desk or his paper/book as a reminder of where to start. Then give it some time. If you need other recommendations related to this as time goes by, let us know.


Best wishes, Sheila

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Thank you for that answer. I had the same worry for my little one. The kids are under so much pressure these days. Geeez. I thought kindgergarten was for learning how to play!!


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