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Thanks flower and itsme for replying. I think they are working well. I was reducing the dose a bit because I had read about the possible problem with the grape seed extract for autoimmune issues (we are possibly PANDAS) but I think I did notice a behavior and mood difference so I upped it again a little. We are still at the minimal dose. Are either of you possible PANDAS? Please forgive me for not remembering.



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I "think" mine is PANDAS. I've only been to a neurologist once just to get diagnosed because I had no intention of getting prescription medicine for my tourette and OCD, so I am not certain. But when I asked my mother whether I had strep throat when I was little, she said "yes, like crazy." And I remember having OCD and tourette from when I was in elementary school so I am thinking it's possibly PANDAS. (However, it was not bad till I reached my early 30s and I do not know what got it worse... I was going through a lot at the time so it could be the stress but am trying to remember if I had another strep throat at the time, etc. ^_^)

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Hi Flower,


That is interesting that it got worse in your 30's. Did only the ocd get worse or tics as well? So I assume you are on the bontech vitamins for yourself then right? Do you have children? Have you read those posts about the grape seed extract and autoimmune issues? What do you think about it?

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